Thursday, July 1, 2021







Not the hard hail of a roaring storm

but a tender drop of dew I am !

Born with the life a few moments only,

I have built myself for you into an ocean vast,

A drop no more but an ocean of love without any shore!


O' the thousand-rayed one

I wish only to glitter in a moment's union

with your ray and then go down forever !

My immersion into

your fiery splendour is all that I ever asked for,

to lose myself in you was my goal forever !


I know no deliverance

but to be the fragrance of your

deathless flower !



This  Time Shall Pass ...


This time would pass too,

The entrapped invocation of life would be free from the net of words,


Its high notes would arouse life from sleep, a different love free of guile would sparkle in light anew!


Eyes drunk on a sea of tears would no longer  balk at the fear of terror,

Hearts choked by thick dark fear would shake that off and be free of fear !


Soon after we have lived through this time accursed, we would see the land of fragrant hope , in conversation with a leaning sky eager to speak, soaked in love and ready to offer all

in guileless surrender!


We will live until then in faith

Every breath of life would be ours, it would be dawn again!


The Moon And The Sea


I met the moon again

after a long long time,

the moon tender and effulgent

and wet as in the first flush of love,

it trickled down in the hope of breeding anew

like colour on wet paper

that could hold no more yet smeared all over !


The sky was no longer sombre,

it wore the radiance of hope on its body

not mere azure!


Now the  storm has abated,

the swelling heart of the sea lies pacified,

the battles  those were fought against the tyranny of destiny have subdued the destroyers,

the palace of dreams stands with honour !


This had to happen this way

The moon and the sea

lived their lives away from

destiny's cruel sway !




RAJASHREE MOHAPATRA is a bilingual poet . Her Odia and English poems are translated into many national and international languages and are published in prestigious  anthologies  , international   ezines and Journals. She is a senator, elected to 'World Union of  Poets' and an active member of Unamos al Mundo con la Poesia, Mexico .


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