Thursday, July 1, 2021





Obstruction Of Love


I sign the declaration of love before the registrar

With his signature, his fateful ghost YES

And to be happy for another hundred years or more

Because love defeats every evil in the world!


Everything in life is fleeting, falling in love is fleeting

But the real challenge is to have someone with you your whole life

Because I can like someone only on the basis of looks

Which will surely blind the mind that warns of the sins of the saint


Life is made up of good, but also of evil itself

In this age, the most important thing is to believe only in myself

Because usually the other side will outsmart me

By my false decrees, but I will not give up on my goal!


And when it's hard and all the worries in life slowly torment me

I have to remember that the most important thing is love in life

If I’m so young, I won’t despair about some things

Because everything is transient after all!


Time does everything to eventually take me on some new path

And I need to share my feelings equally to everyone

Because it is the only and most correct way

For the bound obstruction of love!


I may be able to do an autopsy for some little things

But I can't run after some people

If I’m not significant after all; deeds prove everything

To whom do I mean, and to whom am I just a word on paper!


I can only lie to myself that I have lived happily ever after

Because everything that is beautiful - unfortunately, is short-lived

That is why I should enjoy all the charms of the epoch of the life of Transience

For yet the obstruction of love is some new beginning

Something vague and invisible under a microscope!



Qualm Perfect Imperfect


In the audience, I declare myself perfect

In pieces, I am a qualm perfectly unfinished act

There are choices that affect my behavior

Which can determine us for almost a lifetime

And that we often regret over the years for everything we do

He called on people for help, and they are not in sight at all

And intrigue is a psychology that will do a lot

That he can be saved from some mistakes in time

Believing only in myself, I bring myself into a state of emotion

I ask for the urge to say goodbye less, because I value the inside more

Which teaches me every day what is value and what is materiality


Qualm perfectly unfinished act alone, ashamed of the past

But I am still stuck between the time of the present

Which has long been pale and blind, a little pale and lazy

It sits and passes as fast as a hyena, and it has no name of its own

And I became tamed by some insignificant characters

Which I consider to be some of my brave idols

Where only one border decides, which it always does behind my back

And that, after all, is the biggest mistake, because it's not called happiness?


I still feel the vertigo, even though the earthquake has not yet occurred

I wish everything was like year two

That people love each other and leave problems in front of them

For yet swearing by God is the greatest vice

Still, that violent thunder will kill me in the end

Which will destroy that harmonious home of mine

And create pain in that hidden heart of mine!


A qualm perfectly imperfect, imperfect living being

Where for farewell I ask for much more than two drinks

And so new things are created, all for a check without cover

An actor in pieces of the stage, I tell various jokes

And I create meaningless gimmicks for each other

Which brings smiles to those little, tiny faces!


I can talk about all these a hundred more times

Because the best things are written right from the road

And there will be another cholera or black plague

Where I will lose perhaps my best friend from an imaginary circle

And I will consider until tomorrow that person was a fool

In the audience, I declare myself perfect

In pieces, I am a qualm perfectly unfinished act

There are choices that affect my behavior

And which will cost me a dry future



End Of The Year


I enjoy talking to all inanimate beings

Because others give me great power

To feel like Armageddon; the one who fights

For the justice of all peoples and persons in one city

Who is not afraid to be hungry and thirsty for seven days

Where else iron metal covers its regions

And many may say that he is not good

But he knows enough to be worth enough for himself that way

That for other opinions they absolutely do not touch him

And he has that tendency to love everything around him in a way

Peculiarities and intimacy, to imagine myself just like him

Because in reality I have no one in the world to talk to

Because it all comes down to the social network, it takes the soul

A long time ago because I don’t feel so safe and clean

Although the virus has now stopped us all, including myself

To create some wishes and dreams from sweet chocolate

I am trying to achieve all the impossible so far

And to always be for peace and tolerance towards everyone

Because that's the only option to be a happy man!

Satisfied. Sophisticated.

So at dawn I wake up dreamy, and realize one thing

"Everything is fleeting" - and I turn to the other side

Knowing that it’s all just a dream.




MAID CORBIC, born in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He is 21 years old and in his free time he writes poetry that has been praised and awarded many times. Numerous works have been published in anthologies and magazines (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India), as well as printed copies of the anthology of the songs "Sea in the Palm of Your Hand", "Stories of Isolation" and "Kosovo Peonies". He is also a representative of the Terrandaz International Festival in Bangladesh, as well as the winner in Russia of the competition Sergei A. Yesenin. Initiator of the "Written Pen" competition, which had 107 competitors of international character.


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