Wednesday, December 1, 2021




The Poet


Shadows of thoughts burn under my temples

from the harmony of the eternal realms;

in a word, I encompass the whole world

writing about fate, about heaven,

about hatred and the miracle of forgiveness,

about the symmetry of two souls jointly,

about mayfly that dies,

about the mirage of the hug,

about the chimeras of creation,

about the great empire of tears.


I write over the slumber of the world,

shaping wisdom that leaves behind

deep ribs on the forehead.

I have no price, no name, no color,

surrounded by indifference

I squeeze my heart out of emotions,

I pluck it and bury it in lilies,

I pull it out and divide it into waves,

for the poet's heart belongs to all

and yet to no one.


Human Values



It all starts with us,

from the meridians of our soul,

of our benevolence,

in us, this flowery space is born,

this perfect spectacle of the spirit.

10% is due to the outside world,

90% of the way we perceive the world.



It's Russian roulette,

one of the seconds will be a bullet,

in all other moments

creates a reason to breathe,

embody your dreams!



Bright a lamppost with peaks from the sun,

understand the metaphors of light,

print their color on your retina.



Live as freely as possible,

in captivity of a cage

the birds lose their brilliance and meaning.



Assume a maximum of contradictions

plunge into the whirlwind of pleasure and pain,

burn in your own being

with extravagance, harshness, depth,

with the energy of a mystery.



The most positive expression of the void,

a cosmic trance, an explosion of spheres,

a sublime spell that awakens creation,

opposes lucidity, gives birth to the universe,

it consumes the soul, it ruins certainty.

The blood reverberated in chords,

in a perpetual celebration

obscure and bright alike.

Love is an almost metaphysical refusal

to be faithful only to yourself,

it is the supreme sacrifice of human

and the most consistent of values.


Allegory Of Happiness



a mystical privilege,

gratification received from the Universe

when we are grateful to the absolute

for our own life, without constraints,

without conflicts, without fears,

entrusted in the peace of our own dream

put in service of a great purpose.



intense flow from the fountain of the heart,

a twitch of respite in the crust of the soul

which stimulates and gives you forth.



divine revelation

dissolved from the magic of the azure,

fluid as a fragile shadow,

born of the white spaces of self

sculpted in the light of gratitude

that we are this spark of life.




CORINA JUNGHIATU is a bilingual poet/writer hailing from Romania. She holds a Master Degree in Philology and Phycho-pedagogy. Has written and publishing two books of poetry: „Exile in the light” and „The ritual of a Sunrise”. Corina is Chief Administrator and Publication Coordinator of Motivational Strips, editor of "Bharath Vision" website, Chief Advisor of World Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan. Corina has won many awards from international institutions of repute, for poetry.

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