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New Name To Death


Even in death she knows beauty,

veiled in her petals so fragile.

Calling over to the sun she had never seen

of that land that all say is plunged

in the darkness of devils tearing into

Beauty and flesh.

She will tread there in all her glory

withered, hurt, pained,

yet with all her beauty she will bring rains.

She will call the sun to merge with dark devils

Into the mist of a new morning.


She is fragile, nearing an end,

but not dead. Isn't that a new life?

Reborn on that distant land

That you or me, has never tread.

 I will go with her, oh my lovely

 Rain Lily, I shall be with you

In that Valley of Death,

Scourging for life amid lifeless beings.

We shall dance in the rains together.

Fragile yet not broken.

Giving a new name to death.. to life...





The glass cracked.. finally. But made no noise.

 Blood oozed.. I felt no pain.

 Some tears are meant to be

 just drops of water

 merging into the Sea of Unknown.

 Word bombs no more look for a victim,

 but hurl at a speed more than

 the lightning breaching the clouds.

 Stupefied silence was worse.

 It was like that axe felling a tree,

 left with memories of its sapling days.

 Silently cracked. Tears had dried by then.

Yet you again said: Will you barter the

Palace for the pebble?

For my lost dreams are trapped

within its wet walls.

I said a silent ‘No.’





I hated silence all my life,

while forever crowds thinned along mountain edges

And all searched for a nook

to bask in the silent bliss of virgin valleys,

I spoke and babbled all my way.

Have you ever asked why I hated silence?

for I once stood on the silent shores

of life and felt the dead silence of death.

I had shut my brains that day to keep away

Shouts of cries and sobs, hanging heavy in the air!


My beloved turned a corpse, in seconds,

I lost words and silence reigned.

Not even sound of falling tears.

And in that deafening silence,

I promised myself to always hate

the world it had brought.

Even in goodbyes I have learnt

To laugh aloud a thousand times.




SAHELI MITRA is a journalist, author and poet, who runs her own content and creative company, Tales Talks & Walks (TTW). With an experience of 25 years as a journalist with a leading English daily of India, she has more than 200 published articles on critical law, consumer and environmental issues. Her company handles well-known clients across India and abroad, editing and writing books and web page content for many entrepreneurs. Being a passionate nature lover and a traveller mom, she also runs her nature group ‘To Trees with Love’ and at leisure weaves words into poetry and short stories. Author of internationally launched romantic thriller Lost Words (July 2014), that topped the Amazon USA and UK lists and found place in many well-known state libraries of USA, she is also co-author of short story collections like Half Baked Love, Knitted Narratives, Meri Kahani, People Called Kolkata and Dynamos Zios. She is a regular contributor to the poetic revolution across the globe, writing for international magazines like Du-kool (USA), iamnotasilentpoet (Spain), Duanes poem tree (USA), Yellow Chair Review (USA), Piker Press (USA), Taj Mahal Review, Asian Signature, Random Poem Tree and has featured in print anthologies including She the Shakti, Minds@work, Love and War anthology, Women Poets of the World and Cloudburst (USA).

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