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You don't know peace

Until she discovers she

descends from gods

And her body, the container

Of all that's eternally whole.

That ultimate peace that

fills her with light.

When she knows her peace,

it becomes her ultimate power.



Power Clues


When they saw you as bad,

you were good.

Where they saw your lacking,

you reached abundance.

In the midst of their chaos,

you found peace.

Where hate once stood,

now there's love.

And yet you still looking

for clues of your power?





No one said they were sorry

for the things that happened to me,

They guilted me for how I reacted.

I pushed it all down,

with a gulp of water,

with years of tears,

but even the ocean caves in

and allows the storm to pass.

It waits for the tide to settle

with grace and patience.

I bite my salty lips,

get up and keep going,

waiting for the chaos to settle,

hoping for patience and grace

to liberate me.


You Are


You are the love,

The hate,

The sickness,

The antidote,

The problem and the solution.

It's always been with you.

You always had it all.

Why would I send you into the darkness without


You are the light.

You always were.


Choosing Love


What's if we decide to

love like we don't know

how to hate?

The world will be a total

different place.




YINA ROJAS: Life and love enthusiastic, Yina, owner of Threaded by Rojas (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) uses life experiences to share with the world through her writings. Her writings are anywhere from traditional poetry to free verses with a punch, right where you need it. She has been writing for as long as she remembers and continues to do so because ‘when you appreciate what life has to offer every day, one can find inspiration in the small things.’


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