Wednesday, December 1, 2021







I imagine air as if an individual in the flesh

a spinning mechanism incessantly creating itself

sometimes it bends my shoulders, the sleep gains free dark rings

on which I splash a musical foundation

and hit them against each and every wall

so that the eyes might look at one another while rejoicing

I frequently embrace this individual in the flesh,

I hold him to my chest as if an old newspaper,

I get a piano and promise him to draw ourselves blue and full of inspiration

during sleep

but the red thirteen always comes unexpectedly to yell

as if my cat weren’t my cat

and the crying cage looks like a rope tracing me down

in the least details of my forehead

you fill in six glasses with fiddlers,

stuff the violin under their skin and wait and wait

for the phantoms wedding to begin when the hot-blooded air kicks with its hoof

does anyone around here happen to owe a red dress as troubled as possible

or should I wait for the night and get married all naked?




I gather my ideal insomnias from the missing fragments,

from the yellow ones and the cramped ones,

a few from each and every hall, a few from each and every corner of the street

from beyond, from behind, from the dark

they won’t come in without the ballroom hat

purposely entangled within forward and backward traditions

they move on further upstairs since they’ve got hoarse voices, they sink me enough within themselves without dreaming

out of the blue a cradle drill occurs to me

embarrassing them

-don’t worry that sleep will come when the chosen table

will start to crack and will no longer be able to restrain itself!

and then who could sleep now

when fresh grass comes out of our mouths?




I don’t doubt that somewhere inside me there is a

a hiding bird pretending to be a man,

it settled my boring bones in a living nest under my skin

and it took over my inherited house from the parents

but it left the door open

the air bore my 206 bones towards the downtown cafeteria

so that they should turn into ballerinas (they realized there was still plenty of room on the back of their wishing list)

but the auction had already ended and, after having sneezed once again,

he remembered that there was something left though,

he did not even want to know what

so that he pushed my bones towards the place where fruit and vegetables were being wrapped

without at least being counted

I wonder if they could have all fit within that documentary,

in spite of being crammed

my human state would it have regardless lost wealth?


I would like to paint a black stain instead of you,

but you are already too big

and I don’t wear gloves on Saturday evenings




DANIELA TOMA – born in Brasov, 27 october 1966, graduate of the University Lucian Blaga Sibiu, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Romanian-French specialization, teacher of Romanian language and literature; Director of the Art Creativ Publishing House, Bucharest, writer, translator, producer of Voice of Arts at Radio Shalom Romania literary debut: 1978, in ASTRA magazine, Braşov; then follow the volumes: Light of the soul, 2004, (poems); Time is crying in hands, Inspirescu Publishing House, Satu Mare, 2013; My name is Two, Rovimed Publichers Publishing House, Bacău, 2013; The shape of the lost steps, Transilvania Publichers Publishing House, 2013; The Gospel after myself, Rovimed Publichers Publishing House, Bacău, 2014; The day when I resembled with you – lyrical statements explained by Ionuţ Calotă, Art Creativ Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014, volume that gets IIIrd place in the top of the most beautiful books of 2015; When I speak in my name, Art Creativ Publishing House, Bucharest, 2016; fragile, Art Creativ Publishing House, 2017, poems in prose; Another Ana / Una altra Anna, poemes traduits en catala per Pere Besso, Art Creativ Publishing House, 2018, Les noces dels fantasmes de paper, Art Creativ Publishing House, 2019; The gorgeous black dress of my shadow, Art Creativ Publishing House, 2020, The times are written in the diary of a wild cat, theatrical poem (awkward and even bizarre), Art Creativ Publishing House, 2021; Critical perspectives - small speech included (literary criticism), Rafet Publishing House, 2021 (Rafet Publishing House Award for literary criticism at the Titel Constantinescu Festival, 13th edition, 2021); Eyes of the Moon, University Publishing House, 2021. Translations: in Latin, SAECULUM – Culture and Latin civilization volume, 2002; poems in French in volume Proclamation for the globalization of poetry, author Ionuţ Calotă. poems in English, author, Mariela Cordero (Venezuela). poems from the Catalan language of the poet and translator, Pere Besso (Valencia). poems in the Spanish language by the poet André Cruchaga (El Salvador, América Central). Publications in: Cultural magazine ANTARES, appearing under the auspices of USR – branch S-E Galaţi; ACOLADA Magazine, appearing under the auspices of USR, director Radu Ulmeanu, New Zork Magazine – Special Magazin, 2016; LITERARY ALGORITHM no 3 (21), 2017, director Ioan Barb, senior editor Silviu Guga; Union of Ukrainian Writers in Romania Magazine, Nas Holos, director Mihai Traista, The Literary Café Magazine, jan. 2019, The Boema Literature and Art Magazine, no. 101, 7/2017, interviews, poems, translations and book reviews published in all issues of the Poetry Monitor Magazine, 2019. Creates and cares school magazines: The world of words; Childhood in dance steps; Aeterna latinitas; Lucian Blaga – a man, a destiny (2006-2007). She is co-author and she cares the next volumes: Poemia, 2015, anniversary volume of Emergency Literary Cenacle, 1 year; The time of precious stones,2016, anniversary volume of Emergency Literary Cenacle, 2 years; Women with red flowers in hair, 2015, feminine poetry; Preludes for butterflies, 2015, (volume printed after the Love Poetry Gala whose organizer is); Besides the light, 2017, anniversary volume of Emergency Literary Cenacle; Connection words, contemporary young voices, 2017; The diary of a wingsfield, selection of Art Creativ poetry 2017; The most beautiful poems of love, 2018 (volume printed after the Love Poetry Gala, second edition, 2018), The \state of human being – Substrates, anthology of contemporary poetry, 2018; Poems on a leaf, anthology of Japanese poetry, coordinator Maria Oprea; The everyday guilt of beauty, feminine poetry, 2018, Charme, selection of contemporary short prose, 2018; Carousel with young symphonies, anniversary volume of Emergency Literary Cenacle, 4 years, 2018; Identities, anthology of Romanian aphorism, 2019;  Soldiers in the Sun Square, selection from gentleman`s poetry, all volumes at Art Creativ Publishing House, Bucharest, Beyond Venus, a selection of contemporary short prose, 2019. Co-author -  Blaga Notebooks,  ALTIP Publishing House, Alba Iulia, 2012; The Literature and Art Magazine Boema, no. 101, 7/2017, co-author – The Anthology of the contemporary fantastic poem – The below sky – edited by Mihail Gramescu, Virtual Publishing House, Bucharest, 2013; co-author – Angel tears Anthology – Remember Mihail Gramescu – edited by Camelia Pantazi Tudor, BETTA Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014. She writes the preface of the following volumes: How to survive in love, author Ionuţ Calotă; Death does not die, author Ingrid Cosma; Circles of the summer, author Daniela Albu; What did you do today?, author Ovidiu Scridon; You, miss (Tu…dor), author Tudor Ciobotaru; Diverse fact. The death of a poet, author Nicolae Radu, cop.4; The Torrent, author Marinel Gîlcă (afterword), The thorn from the sole, author Ana Podaru; The night woman, author Maria Hirth; Husk doll,  author Ana Podaru. The prize of the Portal Maiastra Magazine at the XXXVII-rd edition of the International Literature Festival Tudor Arghezi, 2017, Diploma of Excellence from the Cultural Society Apollon Romania for promoting the culture, offered by the Cultural Ambassador of the ONU Convention from Geneva, George Calin, Urziceni, 2018; 2nd prize at the Adrian Păunescu International Festival, 7th edition, Craiova, 2019, other prizes and literary distinctions; Rafet Publishing House Award for literary criticism at the Titel Constantinescu Festival, 13th edition, 2021. Poems of Daniela were translated in Catalan, Bulgarian, French, Enlish, Italian,  Ukrainian, Spanish. In 2014, together with Ionuţ Calotă, she creates the Emergency Literary Cenacle that has become a cultural landmark in short time; the Cenacle gathers around it the most important creators of the quality cultural act; it is a social component of responsibility and involvement, it is a ``living`` program more and more widespread among the peope of culture. In 2014, Daniela creates Art Creativ Publishing House; she is also the Editorial Director; the Publishing House is enrolling on a redefinition and dimensioning route of the editorial projects in line with the information needs of the general public regarding the promoting of the contemporary quality literature, with the need for the institution to become a genuine image vector for it. The volumes proposed for publishing benefit from a system of assessment and review provided by specialists in the domain. Also, the Publishing House tries to identify a vast national distribution field according to the specificity of each editorial project; the books are sent for storage and cataloging in prestigious libraries across the country, being established at present collaborative projects with forigners. The volumes participate at book fairs organized in Bucharest and not only. She is the organizer of important literary-musical events: THE NATIONAL POETRY CHAMPIONSHIP, THE GALA OF LOVE POETRY, THE BOOK FAIR – BOOK-TIK, THE NEW YEAR OF THE POETS, THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENT ``COLLECTION POEMS``, BOOK LAUNCHES AND OTHER LITERARY-MUSICAL EVENINGS

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