Wednesday, December 1, 2021







Mighty sun, silent moon,

Godly lights that shine and swoon,

earthly wealth dressed in power,

heavens adorned with stars that tower.


Beauty of creation in full glory,

Godly love embracing life's story,

displayed in all kinds of shapes and sizes,

each provided with special prizes.


Rivers and streams that glimmer in the sun,

quenching thirst of animals on the run,

trees and leaves that cleanse our air,

everything in nature has its own special flair.


We bend our knees in gratitude,

being responsible for Gods magnitude,

placed upon earth to oversee,

keeping all of Gods creation happy and free.

Zararia Yul © Copyright





Shhh...just keep silent and listen very closely,

can you hear the isolation of your lonely soul,

broken echoes of emptiness inside,

solitary vibrations from the bottomless pit.


Shhh...just keep silent and listen very closely,

can you hear the sobs of your captive spirit,

deep yearning and desire to totally break free,

years of oppression and heavy chains,

of innocence stolen in atrocious ways.


Shhh...just keep silent and listen very closely,

can you hear the beating of your painful heart,

heavy and aching trapped inside your chest,

years and years of being misunderstood,

trodden upon and cast aside as trash.


Awaken now rise out of your slumber,

break the silence let all the chains fall,

walk into the light never looking back,

start living and feeling a jubilant freedom.

Zararia Yul © Copyright



Love Finds Us


In the silence of the night we can hear the heart speak,

longing for a love that will last and keep,

a love so loyal and true and pure,

that will fill all our needs and always stand by our side.


In the early morning hours the spirit surges deep,

swirling around in the chambers of our souls,

seeking for answers so long ago forgotten,

yearning for comfort and spiritual release.


In the sleepless wanderings of discontented thoughts,

memories and regrets play the game of hide and seek,

accusations and what if's jump out with pointing fingers,

awakening guilt that is not ours to keep.


Spirit and soul know the right way to go,

they always find escapes when darkness shuts all doors,

deeper than the oceans, higher than the stars,

love finds our beating hearts in the silence of the night.

Zararia Yul © Copyright




MONICA MAARTENS: Nature loving Poetess from South Africa who enjoys travelling and adventure and when it is not possible, she travels through the mind, heart, soul and spirit of humanity, exploring the inner depths of emotions, feelings and thoughts.


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