Thursday, December 1, 2022



Soon, Soon New Year!


Soon, soon the New Year!

The stars moved on

He goes to Ala-Too,

It will be a bright year.


Soon, soon the New Year,

Decorate the fir

Toys fit them

Ribbons, decorations.


Soon, soon the New Year,

Turn the bracelet

Announces it's coming

He is everything in the world.


Soon, soon the New Year,

Everything around is sparkling

All wishes will be read

Performs together.


We all look at the clock

Here strikes twelve.

tables in abundance

Joy, laughter and happiness.


Do You Know?


The winter cold has come

The cold promised us.

From the twenty first of December

And on the fifth of February.

Forty days of frost

All four virtuosos.

The first one is Iron Frost,

The air is clean and cold.

Who is walking in the snow

And the blizzard whistles around the world

That is our Horned Frost,

He puffs like a locomotive

It turns snow into ice

Steam comes out of the mouth

And thick fog around

Himself sedate, but a deceit,

After all, inside he is a hurricane.

Frosty frost on the ground:

Pinkish, white, blue.

The third one is Frost, then Cotton,

He is not melting, neat.

There is a frost and very strong,

The cold hits point-blank actively,

That teeth are shaking too

And reddened ears, faces,

If you experienced it -

Frost Yellow crackled.

Remember, dear

Ninety days of winter.

The nature of frost is not simple,

Sleigh time, commotion.

Iron Frost, Horned Frost,

Cotton Frost, Yellow Frost

Everyone has a horse and a cart.




I love looking at you

And I choose sounds.

'Cause I live loving you

I sing and admire.

You light up the world

From beauty I melt

The whole ether is full of you,

You are a golden maiden.

I see countless stars

They are not comparable to you.

Whatever one may say, the battle is unequal,

Let them reconcile with fate.

I praise you endlessly

Lead me

Don't take your eyes off

Don't hide behind the darkness.

Sometimes you go behind the clouds

You play hide and seek with me

And I run to you, you wait

We play catch up.

You are the queen among the stars

Queen of this night

Girlfriend, it just so happened

Which is inseparable from the sun.

You have a big role

Witness of the night

You and the sun since ancient times together

Shine - lights.

You see the sufferers of the earth

And all lovers too.

Good luck to all of us,

Be kinder, don't be stricter.

You are the eyewitness of everything

Laughing, you often joke

People don't hide anything

Sometimes you awaken your conscience.

Be close to lovers, moon,

And shower on the light!

Be far from the wicked

Or hide without an answer.




ERALIEVA UMUTKAN POLOTOVNA: She was born on July 1968, 12 in the village of Kok-Zhar in the Nookat district of the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. Poet, writer, publicist. Member of the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyzstan, the Union of Writers of North America, the Eurasian Guild of Writers (London). Author of dozens of books.


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