Thursday, December 1, 2022



Sky Is A Battlefield At Night


I lay on the grass and watch

The night sky with its millions of stars

Moving slowly to the west like

Soldiers going to fight some ugly wars


The moon as the head marches

With its head holding straight and high

The wind beats the drums and

Blows the trumpet and is ready to die


Sky as the battlefield over earth

Will hold the fight till break of the dawn

There will be peace all around as

Darkness vanishes with arrival of the sun




November is the month of hope

As I get up from the bed, I see the flowers

Winking at me from the window washed

By late night dew; petals unfurled.


Frayed clouds have unknown destinations

Move between horizon to horizon like

A group of aimless wanderers

Sometimes stop mid-way and ogle at

The earth like unsuccessful lovers;


Leaves sing and stop and again sing

They are ruffled with the mood of the wind

Coming and going like a dream in the wee

Hours of the day.


November is the month of love

Sitting at the edge of the cold dream

One wishes to cuddle the lover and

Kiss the cold lips to feel warm.


Lonely Without You


After the drizzle

The air is cool

I sit in a bench in

The corner of the garden


Around me birds hop

Sometimes look at me

With their beady eyes


The cool wind passes by

With its soft caring touch

And I think

It is you playing

With my hair with

Your fingers


I feel lonely

Without you by me

I miss the hug

The love and soft

Kisses you give me

When we are alone


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  1. Your poems on nature are superb.I particularly liked the first poem'Sky Is A Battlefield At Night'