Thursday, December 1, 2022





Not yet have been nailed down her thoughts

alike the crucifixion of Christ

Not yet has she been harrassed

with Mahout's metal hook

or pointed prickings of Javlin

She shrugs off all unconcerned bonds

alike the cockroach clambered on body

the dominion of her voice

only she owns

the monopoly on body

only she exercises

to even that extent

which man should not have yet won rights Over a long distant planet

not yet is sold out her soul

alike piece of land on moon

She would have a recognition

beyond just a feminine name

her character existential consciousness

would not ask for any recommendations

liberated is she and her thoughts

She proclaims herself an 'alfresco' entity

not yet has arrived such an age

nor has been traced yet that planet even after discoveries

We are awaiting her

an independent on a fresh new planet

an alien named 'Nirbhaya'.


My Life


My life is a Brooke

Without any straight

My life is a book

Hiding many words and secrets

My life is a reservoir

Quenching thy thirst

My life is a mirror

Without hiding any error, just

My life is a mirage

Or say a Sea without tide

My life is a blend of fear and courage

Or something like a string without kite

   Indeed, a  heart without a sigh

   Alas...Never overfly in the Sky




History is not biased

to any individuals

It craves for happenings

no oasis can quench

the thirst of History


History, the sentry of time

gives sense to mankind

even in the present

the dreams of History

get drifted to

the direction of present wind

sometimes they come true

sometimes they are incomplete too

the repetition of History

fills heart with fear

the dense clouds of worries

Predicted unpredicted happenings

begin to rise up in the mind-sky


The pages of History

are never golden

Are consequential too

the anecdotes of the History?

The present  has to suffer

the oblivion of all the tools of

the historical incidents

conquests and defeats

humiliations and misunderstandings

mistakes and their root causes

but present does not always introspect

the consequences of past times


It is obviously better

to live undauntedly at present


in the awareness of History

 to build a foundation of

 the futuristic scenario


To make a new History

in the neutral mode…




NEHA BHANDARKAR is trilingual authour and translator. She is columnist in Marathi newspaper. Her 13 books in Marathi, Hindi and English have been published. She is recipient of many prestigious literary awards from India, like State Hindi Sahitya Akademi and bagged awards from foreign countries also. Her many poems and stories are being published in many anthologies, journals, E Zines and magazines in all over the world. Her many poetries, stories have been translated in several foreign languages i.e. French, Albanian, Phillipines, Nepali, Greece, English.  As well as Indian languages like Odia, Asaamese, Telugu, Bengali, hindi, Brail etc. Her poems and short stories have broadcast on All India Radio, Akashwani, Hindi Radio, Chicago (U.S.A.), Radio France (FRANCE) etc.

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