Thursday, December 1, 2022



There Is Light

All Around And It Opens


behind closed eyes


Light is not just a matter of the day it

       simply is


a meadow

of poppies - sacred island in the white

beyond these words of mine

beyond the devious glances on the road


we all scrape of the day the surface


in the corners scavengers are waiting

that you yield - they measure

the weight of your bones 

and your rags


at night I surrender to my body


          vibrato of dotted strings


earthly symphony imploring the red

It Happens Just By Chance



as it always happens

a foot that slips and the hip that crumbles

- it’s just the female destiny - and then


my grandmother's body clinging to life

barely an animal and a thread of functions


defined by absence the thought disappears

it disappears the word, and disappears

the name


the idea remains of her

her legacy and witnesses: an ancient notebook

of prayers, a black and white picture with child

hundreds of lace

and her curved shoulders


it remains of her the flesh - last leaf

clinging to the branch – it remains

the primary urgency of hunger

the primal life

taking the form of her knotted hands


the surplus surrenders to the water

awaiting for the lightning

the supreme thunderbolt of the cosmic

quantum marking the way home


metamorphosis of petals

in the wind


Mother, Do Not Stop The Absence


instead, let life happen

from meadow to meadow to surprise you

daughter, let the morning be

maybe a wonder even

in the void

wear your white teeth 

and all your August’s Sundays

Woman open wide your bountiful thighs

full of fruits

if in the time of boundless sea

the blushing of poppies no longer sings

for you, if it does not inflame you

uproot the scream

from Earth with your naked



The blood overflowing from your pockets

is still alive

remember - one day only one

it was for you flame

of eternity the breath




LUCILLA TRAPAZZO- Switzerland/Italy. Poet, translator, artist, performer. After years spent abroad, for studies/work: DDR, Brussels, Washington DC, NYC, she now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Convinced supporter of human and planet rights, her social and feminine point of view is reflected in her writings. She has five poetry books to her credit.

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