Thursday, December 1, 2022



My Support


You are my strong point, without you I am crushed, unhappy and cryed.

You are my pillar on which I lean and with you I pass a beautiful old age

It's a beautiful day with you, without you I'm a bird vulnerable, half the moon, a lost track.

You are my pillar that encouraged me and always gave me wings

 to fly and not be afraid, no height

To be persistent, brave enough to be able to if I want to

that the days are coming more beautiful, that we will overcome

all obstacles together forever, share and together ancestors.

You were saying:

Stop and don't worry, everything will fall into place

we will swim across the open sea and the obstacles of the tsunami

 We will reach the desired goal. We will succeed!

I trusted God and you. We made it, it's all over

 happiness in a full house, joy, laughter, and there were tears

and suffering.

 I trusted you, loved you and always remembered your words

a message to everyone, be a pillar to each other

It's easier to cry on each other's shoulder when we grow together

  guard each other's back.

The years go by while you are together there is nothing better

to praise, to criticize, to advise, to lend a hand, to be a pillar like we are today to each other

And when they said you succeeded, my answer was

 without him i am nobody!


With My Words


I try with my words

to be closer to everyone _tired, sad, crying from life.


I try with my words

to raise the veil, to join and brighten the days

 to raise your will, to live on.


I'm trying to help you,

with your words it's easier to go through pain, to forget faster,

forgive and feel, much more love for everyone.


 With my words, I try to praise your successes,

 joys and minimize your downfalls.

to encourage you


 I believe I succeeded in that...


To Break The Silence


Collapse the tunnels, fly through the maze

Don't let someone paint your walls

in a color that drives you crazy,

Not worth it! !

Horsemen with cold arrows await

with a view of the country

NO sparkle in the eyes without warmth in the heart...

One should not wait for someone to repent...

He doesn't deserve to be loved,

he does not know...embrace, respect and be honest to the end...

Don't let it destroy your soul,

 Someone who has no soul...

Don't let your heart haunt you,

 who has no feelings...Don't let the days count in vain

And you wait for the sun to rise from some corner...

Don't wait and believe,

No, never will change, mazdrece,, hot bastard

which kills the soul, enjoys on that!!!

 Don't let the darkness play around you

 there's still a glimmer of happiness in your eyes,

Dream new dreams filled with stars

Stop the silence, breakthrough in a new direction

and better light...




Everyone has their own beauty

and the clothes they wear, and Autumn,

 my favorite season, has its charms

because I especially love it the way it is.


 Everyone has their own story

 and their main character in songs sung

and I have mine written for you oh,

my Autumn.


I love the spectrum of colors that surrounds us,

 the splash of rain, hiding under   an umbrella, the gray sky

that covers us and the smell of yellow quince

 intoxicates our soul.




SABAHETA ETA MERSIMI, born 1956 living at village Zitose _ North Macedonia, married, mother of 4 lovely children’s and 7 grandchildren. Pensioner, humanist, BORKA, for human rights of women. and marginalizing groups in rural area. Her hobbies from an early age are reading, writing poetry, creativity, Hobby writing. First participation in the anthology "Dance with death", and then, regjale, Opa June 2021,, reseetrese 21 ,,, International Festival_Gostivar ,, Prayers 1200 ,, and the first independent Collection of Data Poetry, called ,, Imagination ,,. great enthusiast, sociability communicativeness, tirelessness, optimistic outlook on life rejoices and is satisfied with small things, draws themes and her inspiration is imagined 1st from the life of each individual, life, through encounters Communications come deep from the soul Painted on pieces of paper.

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