Thursday, December 1, 2022





If love happens

It will be my fault

It will be your fault too

Love takes two, everyone knows that


If love happens

It will be our fault

It will be the fault of everyone who allowed us


Love takes two

It takes two for war

It's an old habit

I'm talking to you baby

Like a sister's brother


She Hates It


Capo son letter

Like a fish in a net

From poled jusikas

Everything was like from heaven

But she was tiny

They press into that grid


Capo son letter

For dinner

Clean her bones

Cut off the head

Male hiti rap


Lipa love letter

Make a dream come true

Jubov di whatever heats through the stumka

Only then did it pass through the heart


Capo san letter like a fish in a net

One small love letter

Would you like to take her out to dinner with me?




Don't ask me anything

Because I won't say much

Don't ask me a bit

Because for a moment we care about time


Don't ask me, I'll wear black

Maybe for the sake of the game I'll lie next to you

Don't ask if I don't tell

Why the river must flow


NEVEN DUŽEVIĆ, poet and singer-songwriter, Zagreb, Croatia, 21.01.1965. During his career he published three books of poetry, and 3 albums of rock music with his lyrics and melodies. Sometimes he works music on oath poet lyrics...

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