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The Journey Of Souls


Act I- Brotherhood-would be

Scene 1- Forces of Nature

Kepri Choir, Ra, Atun-Aton

Un' are you going, Dude? You, lamb, where do you come from?
You, who are you? Who will you be?
"The earth seems to know its way,
Before, it sees its dance,
In which it sits caught with the God of the Sun
And the sisters of the planets, in your dance.
While the weather was still in the song
With Eternity. And the Sun God
seems to know His way on the Nile of Heaven
Through Hathor's full of womb stars.
They all seem to know of their place, the veins to the
heart where the wave takes them.
The rivers are looking for their ocean,
the Sea, the lakes to drink its waters.
Let the river glaciers take shelter,
the Rains, the Earth to bear fruit."

Aton - Female Creative Force - Beauty

Through the world of aevelor dance Eves
To liken you to a spring,
What a gentle moon, are you?
Through the roar of time you look at it.
Vijelia, may buds ,sfarma.
The eye of the golden spiral far away,
the golden color loses it and it often.
Through Zee's lsis and change went.
All that's beautiful of her separates.
Let not your Beauty ever
be wasted eternally give shield.
By the voice of nothing has not lost you,
That in its shadow, You never fly,
As long as Eves will dance under the stars
You will grow in my sonnets.

Actor - Female strength is love, Hathor, Isis, Shakti, Eva... Mithra

Of eternity seed his love
I struggle to bring love out of my lustful body.
Let the eyes no longer taste it, let not the mouth feel it,
let me unveil it from the flesh, as from the sun the slag;
From the lattice of earthly passion to break it,
An eternal combination of two fine rays.
To adore you in spirit; only the spirit to choose
you But as you show yourself, I grieve and the whole
soul It makes eyes, chest, arms sipped by you,
Again the temporal yawns in me-the Abyss.
Touching of lusts, and at your feet fall;
Snowball snow on the trail of flames, as in a hell, I return,
waltzing in the flesh, it hurts only the dream.
Love through dreams, being able to pour it to us,
Isis, Mithras the seed of eternity from the flesh.

Poetess - Ra, food for the soul

 Ra Chalice
Via your beauty in the face I do not look at
it And to the golden eye of your life,
And to your eyes, asters sip the way,
I oppose hiding my genius in which I melt them.
Like a Lotus, I break you and inspire you...
With my spirit, I no longer kiss you in the mouth,
And you are no longer a creature,
but a chalice from where I sip life, myrrh.
With plasma force I take what is dear to me,
Seva is not numbered, does not stand in tenderness:
But in virtues in the yoke to the final poem
Without passions that await us on the threshold,
The soul I sip it, you fly through the dream, when I sleep,
Gaia has no edges or the shore sky.

2. Scene 2 a- The Creation of Man
Man conceived from the tears of Isis and Ra in heaven
Pouring eternal love through dreams
In my magical dream Ra appeared to me,
sang to me and danced with me,
Thinking carefully roams him through himself.
Quietly on his forehead I painted his kiss.
We merged alive on his flower bed,
He flew with weeping
wings From Isis' Gentle Tears,
I conceived You Homo from flying.
Souls in luntre, Happy Ra,
Isis on the full moon, I sip stars,
Journey into my dreams.
I sing by OM through quiet dream dancing.
In my soul remained the Divine Star,
With its tears from the Light.
Poetess - Man conceived from the tears of Isis and Ra on earth
From the tears of longing, The immortal Ra
In my magical dream Ra appeared to me,
Sang me and danced with Himself,
the Thought-heart bathed by Good.
Quietly on his forehead I sculpted his kiss.
Alive we merged on his crib out of the creeps,
He painted Me with weeping
wings From the hands of Isis Gentle Tears,
I conceived you Man-longing from flying.
Souls in the boat, Ra watched
By Isis on the full moon - the snake,
Journey into my dreams.
I sing by OM-longing through the bewitched verse alive.
In the soul poured us,Divine Star,
From the gods tears longing Light.
Atun - of the female power snake
With my heart in my spirit, I bear fruit what you inspire...
Traveler through the star-drawn
The boat of Osiris held through heavy
Nights From my burned heart squeezed to give them to you
At the last wedding, vividly sculpted
We went Love into Eternity,
To bind twin souls:
You accompanied me, flying with me-once.
The dead are pulling our Boat, the Nile of Dry bitter
Nights, of Ra Eyes of sleeplessness,
of the caves portal I autumn.
He flies, Hathor, to the boat that I'm like...
Baby, fly, come and save us
Until I'm not swallowed your snake from the snow.
Ra - of the feminine creative power snake
Rises Ra from the shadow of time
Of the souls gentle voice is silent,
I follow you Isis wind through the boat
I hear your serpent sipping as if
at dawn spit, I, and I will undo myself!
Of the night gentle ray brighten up-you
with your soul living eyes, of peace
Rise from the shadow of time lying,
To feel your courage, as in a dream, float-you will
descend and Ra, almost, closer,
Shine and smiling over my life,
To feel the golden thrills on my face
With my rays kissing on the eyelids,
Your love in the east, show it!
Forever spit on by the snake, My beloved!

Atun - of the feminine power love of The Twins
. Of souls journey to immortality
With your image through the spirit, bear fruit what you inspire...
As a flower who writes lyrics in the stars
Twisted lyrics we dance them through Hard
Nights From my burned heart squeezed to give them to you
At the last supper, the painted
one We went Love into Eternity,
To bind twinned souls:
They left me, flying with you-once.
The cart put on us a snow veil
Bitter Nights of thoughts and sleeplessness,
On the ravines of forgetfulness, alone, I autumn.
He flies, Isis, from the boat of us...
Baby, fly and come see me

Until nop sit on me snowy mountains.

3.                 Scene 3 of Ra's Tear of Immortality Healing
Actor – Through the Jaguar's healing power

Al your living soul dwelling My
beloved with twisted
soul Deep hidden labyrinthine, the flower of life...
Flaming the glory of the spirit of youth...
A Minotaur reigns unsuspectingly,
Heroic sons, prey, thrown at the beast..
They all perish in their gloomy mysteries,
I join the mirages, the shadows,
I descend, but without fear in her whirlwind.
You give me Ariadna and you give me a thread
of your tresses thousands, living guide;
To hide more enslaved only to you;
And not to escape from the race I hold it, I unseat it,
Your living soul I have chosen
it and I swear that I will never get out of your mind.
Artist -  Peace healing power
Crushed the world under the plague with teeth,
From the the Thebes ancestral heart,
the Crown of kings, carried them by lying,
Sold, hardly, only on two pieces of silver.
On the water of the Nile Good Goddess Strand
living magnet of tears, ruins,
Sprinkle with plasma of peace to good,
Healing bring Thoth, from the moon!
And the Goddess soars sucked
words from the labyrinth, the bloody exit...
Of the living dreams the lattice is broken,
the tears of the gods in words are sucked,
the godly fly towards the ever
the Light of the worldly peace is not dead.
Poetess - The Eagle's healing power through transmutation
From the Word of mercy arisen, Isis, Ra!

The sprinkles of mercy heal the plague,
Compassion poured out only by Christ,
In the soul shine words stormily,
In the Spirit they sing gently, the Sun and the Moon.
We would save the mercy beautiful
words of Ra tears, it would melt the lie
We believe the Word, which gives hope,
That we see the light of Rottenness.
Of Isis, Ra spirit boat carries
the same mercy to the bruised heart,
By the journey is healed.
Sodom, Gomorrah by sipping fire,
The Holy Spirit's fruit saved us
From tears mercy arose!

From those of Hathor, Isis, Eve, Mithras or Shakti Tears of love healing
Of immortality Egg, beloved Ra, is the word
Of Immortality Egg beloved, is it the word?
Does eternity hide in the middle of an instant?
From the Egg that keeps a high flight of wings
of immortality The seed in glorification takes its momentum;
There was enough of a word, God Ra, soil of enslavement,
Time-space broke; held captive
By his golden waves to sip it from the sky,
He spiraled from the rays, alive, The Tear of Love.
Equal in Kindness and Genius from the Mother,
Only Ra put in our soul these sacred keys
We have unlocked portals of eternal ideas;
To the liberated supreme matrices, who call us
from the forms of love, from the First Ray,
Let us melt through the angelic Totality.

Poetess - From the divine rays tears healing
 From the divine ray of tears
I adore you as the divine ray
You are my heart from the golden
spirit You are my moon from the silvery night You are the white, living flame from the light,
I love you as the spiral through fates,
I sip the boat that is struggling between the waves.
The wind of the souls' gifts,
I reabsorb your eyes from the stars, from death,
What I laugh at from the eyes of the ray of light.
In their waltz to the sea of stars,
I burn love tears out of heavy longings.
We want the divine ray.
You slave me laws of royal aura.
What my pleasing eyes make them bear fruit!

4.Scene 4 of the -From the Word of Love spun sonnets
The artist - Aton, the Sun and the Moon- spirit of The Hummingbird
 Let us believe the Word!
The splashes of plasma cure us the plague,
It is the peace dripped only by Christ,
In the spirit they blink tumultuous words,
In the Soul gentle dance, the Sun and the Moon.
We would reassure ourselves
of the word tornado in the BONE

As the serpent of the World would sip from the moon
Let us believe the Word, which gives the earnest,
That we see the light of Rottenness.
Like a mother who wash us in the pretzel

So bathes Isis the waxed heart,
In the living tears be healed.
We float over the golden waves Target,
the Holy Spirit is saved
by the Word sipped peace!

Poetess - peaceful Soul strung by hummingbirds

 Burn them

The deep Thoughts you attract to yourself,
From the flight you penetrate them with thousands and thousands of symbolic meanings
, you hide them deeply through meanings
You, peaceful Soul strung by violins...
Beloved heart, you grit your teeth...
You see the emerald words, bright
Blue Lotus Flowers, Ra, precious,
For nothing though, if you do not feel them!
You are bitter, with my tablets,
La tine-n Spirit, of jade Burning flowers, hot
you sip them, you smell them but bitterly you and you lie,
Sucking heart out of star powder!
Be wise, You, if you want to comfort me,
Burn them in the heart's Ra, you sigh all!
Actor -In the beginning was it the Word or the Silence?
 Of his Greatness Ra Word
In the beginning was the Word or the Silence?
It's not the first uncreated silence,
Mister, of the incarnate word is us...
Presence, mystery to whose face he was pleading.
Linked to a form of solitude,
the Profound of the perfect silence,
the Silence with its climax, the pleasure
of the music of the spheres, bliss.
More words-s in the Silence of the
Self The silence in the sacred does not deny the word
E the last song and silent dance of the word.
Silence opens to transcendence sacredness path
the presence of the Tomb of its word Majesty, purification.

The Artist – Ra's Prophetic Sonnets-Ra's Are EU
 Come back Ra, in Soul crowned
Do not beat Ra, on to closed Palaces,
There lies Greed,
Not just desire and not just Pride
Do not have as You of good longing and dreams.
If they are hungry, pity not to beg
for Slaves to be thirsty!
Only wealth without souls
On to the Kings you will find.
Do not beat Ra, to the crowned Spirit,
Nor to the spirits with living shutters!
You don't know the Good Spirit if he sleeps them!
Nor is evil locked up from them.
I beat and Evil I repented...
Neither heart nor good spirit have I found
Actor - The light of hidden hope is dead?
The crown of the Queen, put on the lie
Crushed country under the sun with teeth,
To reason, heart, immune,
Crown of the Queen, put them on the lie,
Sold, hardly, only on two pieces of silver.
On the water of Saturday everything that gathers...
Torrent magnet only of tears, sighs,
Sprinkle with songs through the winds for the better,
Joys wait alive from the moon.
And the wind dispels broken dreams
From the labyrinth, the bloodied exit
Hiking, to us heavy, steep,
Hoping it's just the Kopts to fight us.
Do we fly a little blindly towards ever
the Light of hidden hope?

Scene 5 - The light of hidden hope is not dead
The choir dances singing Hathor, Isis, Eva, Mithra, Shakti -

Poetessa - spirit of the eagle
Mithras - Of pure consciousness Unified State, Samadhi
The promised one is ME!
I, the Promised one, create infinite, qualia paintings,
From the Values of Perfume, waves of beauty, well,
I paint, dance, sing the area of self-consciousness,
symphony of the unified field, Consciousness.
I smell the pleasure and pain of the fireflies from You,
I paint from longing the pure cosmic truth, the mathematical truth
of existence, the essence, the dynamic Ocean.
The living field or the dead, the eternal one inseparable from me?
I sing my Ocean drop out of you, the eternal fractal,
The Symphony Of the Cosmic, Intelligent Harp,
Vibrant Glimmering Tones, I See Absent Thinking,
Reverberate, Your Eternal Universal Ocean.
Abstract awareness, Samadhi
source taste of pure unified consciousness, Samadhi.

Isis - Ethics in Brahman consciousness, cut into eternal pattern 

Dancing Return to Time, Beyond Space Time
Vibrate in Various Super corded Trills through Olympus,
Abstract Awareness, Taste Samadhi
Fog Of Pure Unified Consciousness, Samadhi,
Dancer Return to Time, Beyond Space Time.
Ethics in Brahman consciousness, alive in the eternal Atman pattern
located, the law is a visible sourdough,
The fire Flower of life a predictable Maia
of the geometry of wisdom, an eternal fractal.
Correlation of the space-time wave superposition.
It exists until Your consciousness intervenes,
Your Wisdom before its collapse.
The consciousness of the wave collapses from the void into the living time.
Vibrate in various trills, super cords in Olympus,
Dancing Return time, beyond space time.

The poetess- Mithras of the Creator, as the Mother of Man
 Again Messia Mithras from the too high
words "Glory to God, by the words too high
And pre-Earth peace among men pleasing to Him!"
This was the singing of the angel of the Lord
, and the tears of the Gods, alive, began to tremble.
On the Holy News, on behalf of the
Word Our hopes were all reawakened to us,
Dancing through Boat, to the music, from the Golden Book
On Mithras from the Creator, as the Mother of Man.
The song born of the most sublime night
What the angels sang over Bethlehem,
the same re-embodied spirit, the King of Salem.
United and in harmony to proclaim these deeds
" Make us like unto the waves of the sea too high
Like unto the flowers of the garden, those that are pleasing to him!"
Hathor-just and good in spirit and you will believe in your God 

Where eternal Ra rises
, I offer you a world in which, no war on wealth,
where hummingbirds and eagles protect their earth,
and the Sun and the Earth sanctify their covenant.
Where people are franks and all give as fathers,
In a world of love in which there is no more hatred,
Let us fly to the heavens where, there is no concern,
Where peace and forgiveness give birth to Isis from a flower,
Where Mithras gives love without measure,
Where is the father the Unicos, where the stars are sisters,
Where it snows with love and the realm flourishes,
Where eternal Ra rises and the sunset shines.
Where the Holy Eye of plasma paints us in thousands of colors.
I would turn my gaze when you forget all that is bad,
You will be just and good in spirit and you will believe in your God.
Poetess - God, where do the abyss gush from?
even those who seek You, love, say
That between You and us still guard.
The terrible chasms, the turned ones do not deny.
How many have found thee shine again, torn from nothing.
Lord, where do the abyss begin?
What road do I take, love, no matter how long?
I spare nothing, love, only to reach,
at your edge, to throw myself into them.
Suddenly, sharp, alive stabbing holds me,
A crushing, vividly heavy hunch:
From the beginning open in my heart.
Your ravines gush spirally, out of me,
the Light of the flesh tastes you through the palms of the blind,
From your body painstakingly, comforts to sip you.
Isis- Like the serpent leaves the past behind!
The sun rises for everyone
What hard to pass from the flesh and in leisure,
A galaxy of spirit in oblivion.
The sun rises for everyone.
It plucks the weather out of us, with the root,
Without harbor throws me into the longing of the flesh,
my inner cosmic distances.
From the jungle love of dreams,
Beyond the spiral of memory.
From the source of the world love still,
Sleeps alive on the oceans of longing.
Taste the aurora of death in the future.
On a shore of the present, he treads deep-shady,
The spirit is left behind, traces of life.
We sip immortality only from beauties.

Isis- Loving perish in glory!
I watch as the night falls and through death,
the World-and how many spirits in the lamps-lit;
Like sleep, in the flesh extinguished.
Enter into the dream life, from fate.
Also in darkness: my light is on you
My eyes don't want to look anymore.
There is no shadow left to whisper to you
How do you waste divine pleasures?
My love, as much as the one in nature,
has begotten you deep into thousands of faces?
To dress your beauty again;
I've unveiled myself, I've taught
you love, you perish in glory,
Scorpio in my own poison.

Scene VII - Enlightenment
Poetesse - I am the Source of true light
I dawned to carry the light with the thought...
You sent Aton to show
me the Source of light, the pure one:
Lest I carry any more, so, the worlds of the row
He caught in his hands the axes of pain
, and he struck all the walls mercilessly.
Earthquake in the heart, The flower of life,
Tears of leaves flowed pulverized,
They flowed torus, the seeds from the sighs,
As through a glass eye in the heavy wall,
the Sun rushed into my hut.
Right through the splinter made in me,
ruin my soul of that time full
of sunshine, of flower of light life.
Mithra – Solar Cycle 

XLVII.Iar of Ra luntre-n era of Gold
And of Ra Boat on the era of Gold,
For Him only one day and only one night.
For the four of us eras a day apart.
Golden buds in the moon of Faur
Rattled Ra from the sun takes rays,
Waves of suns wake us up slightly from the night.
Ra traveler, loving the Nile in whispers,
the Blue Lotus unfolds into oases.
The god Aton Dragobete-n love,
It snows divine love, souls
Bind and untie, destinies quickly, Spirits gather,
fly into immortality,
Give birth to dreams in the Golden Age, love,
From the living pulsar, quasar happiness!

Shakti - resurrection from the golden emptiness

XLVIII. Like Aladdin's lamp... sprinkled with resurrection!

They were conceived from rays?.. of the plasma of the burrow?
Knees of Magdalene,.restful of Christ...
I was struck by the pain with its sad air...
To sip again from the cup of flames of martyrs.
Sleep drips peace into souls, like a mirror
In which there remains nothing that has passed,
From its brown Stars beyond the clay...
I erased the pain of the face, embrace happiness!
When the morning does not forget the sweet hour...
Jesus pulling the curtain into the sides at night,
Through the slab like the lamp of Aladdin ran away...
He sprinkled with resurrection from his aurora naked.
His soul, from the Boat, at my sweet whispers,
Ra opened the spiral of all happiness to me...!
Hathor - One Soul of the Prophets, Aton
XLIX. With Ra in my light discus...
I waltzed with Ra in my disc of light
From the sun to interrupt me
From the life's flowers of jar from the snows
Out of love through the sonnet of the heart,
I carved Kepri out of your living longing,
From dreams to the Golden Egg, love
From the living pulsar, quasar happiness
From the snow clouds, on the Nile, by the Boat
I sang with Atum, my soul I gush him,
I steal a kiss from him and light him, I see fire,
In his sweet vortex in his heart I make room
for him I gather tears to put them to sleep in my breast.
I danced with Aton, pure spiral,
Ra kiss me, intoxicate my mouth!
Poetess-Poured out of love-prophetic sonnets 

From the tears of gods and prophets squeezed sonnets
Bad, crooked world, in which I was born,
I no longer blaspheme
it, nor this short life
How do not hate even night-morning
From which-of science tree begun ...
Get rid of the worms that bear fruit at the root,
O-nobleman with sonnets for us,
you give him the spirit of courageous heroes ...
You conceive of him a soul of light.
From twin golden hearts, sonnet
Surpasses moon' poems, beauties,
Squeezed from tears by gods and prophets,
Love forever, You, soul of the prophet.
My desire sent into the ether of you
Let me soar eternity within me.



ROMANESCU SALOMEEA: Romanescu Salomeea holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages ​​including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France, University of Bucharest.She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, world view and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. His theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a School inspector, Ministry of National Education.She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.


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