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JUNE 2024

NILAVRONILL:  Welcome to Our Poetry Archive, dear poet. And congratulations as the poet of this month. I would like to know your personal views on literature or poetry in general.  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  Literature and poetry have contributed in general to enriching our vocabulary, improving verbal and gesture language, nourishing the minds of people with a critical spirit and strengthening the sense of belonging and unity of peoples.


NILAVRONILL:  What are the factors that have influenced you immensely in the growing phase of your literary life. When, most probably you were not certain of your future as a poet or writer. Do you think society as a whole is the key factor in shaping up you as a poet, or your poetry altogether? 


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  The society and the world in which I live has really contributed to shaping my soul, I express my thoughts in verse, I started writing as a child, following strong emotions and vicissitudes of existential life.


NILAVRONILL:  Do you consider your literary life as an extension of your self-existence? If so, how it is related with the time around you?  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  My literary life is an evolution of my existence, linked to sensitive factors of spiritual gifts that I can perceive with my mind. The time that surrounds me has no space and is infinite.


NILAVRONILL:  As a poet, do socio-economy and politics in general influence your literary visions? If so how, and if not, why?  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  I follow the political and economic society of my country and also abroad, my literary visions are influenced by the behavior of humans and with my writings I would like to sow peace and brotherly love in their hearts.


NilavroNill:  Is it possible to put into the words everything that as a poet you wish to express literarily? If not, why?


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  It is not always possible to express in words what you express literally, sometimes the words are interpreted by the listener and lose the meaning of what you literally write.


NilavroNill:  Do you agree with John Keats (1795-1821) on his ardent believe, “Truth is beauty, beauty is truth”? Even if we take for instance the war of Kurukshetra, the conflicts between Kauravas and Pandavas, or the fall out of second world war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how can we  manage to reconcile between those truths with beauty as promulgated by  Keats? 


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  In various historical periods, we have seen lies wear the clothes of truth and beauty has been polluted, it would be righter to put things right with dialogues of truth. Beauty would triumph in the world with peace and love, simply by spreading the beauty of truth.


NilavroNill:  Too many writers believe imagery is an essential part of poetry. Do you agree this notion? Even if we consider Leonardo da Vinci’s words that poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  Leonardo da Vinci felt internally everything that was his art. The image becomes poetry in the moment it creates the emotion, we can say that following an emotion felt by each of us it can be transformed into an image.


NilavroNill: Do you believe, passionately falling in love with a particular language is essential to excel in poetical ventures? And is it possible to write poems in multiple languages preserving same literary quality? We would like to know your own experiences.  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  If the writing is rich in content, it will excel in any language. If the text is hermetic in language understandable for people of their own country, others do not understand the nuances and sometimes the concept of the externalized thought. From experience of literary translation from other countries, I first try to understand the meaning of an expression, to find the words and translate into an understandable lexicon in the target language.


NilavroNill:  Do you consider poetry as an emotional outbursts of poet’s personal sentiments? Or is it a long journey to realize and express the universal sentiments beyond all personal limitations? Again, we want to understand your views through your personal experiences of your literary life as a poet. 


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  Poetry is born with us and lives inside our hearts, it becomes an explosion of feelings when we express our emotions to the world. The mind has no limits of thought and writes fantastic poems, ranging beyond any personal limit, projecting itself as a traveler of time.


NilavroNill:  I would like to quote T. S. Eliot, “No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone. His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists. You cannot value him alone; you must set him for contrast and comparison among the dead.” We would like to know your views in details on Eliot’s comments.  


ANTONELLA CAUSA: The writer T.S. Eliot, expresses with his words concepts that can be shared and aligned with my way of thinking. Everyone is a talented artist of their own creative gift. There are others who enhance the different uniqueness, comparing, criticizing or appreciating the various artists. When an artist dies, it is posterity who continues to give credit and value to what he left of his art.


NilavroNill:  Would you consider, it should be the goal of a poet to enlightens the readers towards much greater apprehensions as well as appreciations of life and eternity in general? Or is it better to write poems only to console the poet’s soul?  


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  You start writing for yourself, for various reasons, to strengthen your soul. Then if you think rationally and want to achieve objectives that serve to enlighten other intellects, then write about everything, with deep meditation and knowledge of the topic, concluding with the writing of a literary text.


NILAVRONILL:  We are almost at the end of the interview. I remain obliged to you for your participation. Now, personally I would like to know your honest opinion about Our Poetry Archive. Since April 2015 we are publishing and archiving contemporary world poetry each and every month. Thank you for sharing your views and spending much time with us. 


ANTONELLA CAUSA:  I think you have created a truly unique time space, an archive of international minds, made up of poetic sharing with literary respect for various cultures, it is a world of brotherhood and respect for all peoples. A rich Archive of Poetry will remain in the memories of us poor mortals. Thanks, Nill.



ANTONELLA CAUSA through her poetics opens the most secret places of one's soul, so that may they become manifest and belong to all. Her lyrics can be defined as a spiritual and existential journey, in which each of us can reflect and find ourselves. A lyricism that releases vitality and confidence; a poetics in search of emotional balance, of the true self. The verses, by Antonella Causa, are tinged with hope, they are thoughts in constant travel, in desires, in dreams and expectations. Pure style that lets everything flow authentic suggestions. The author nourishes and satisfies with her writings, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of every reader.




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