Friday, May 1, 2015




Only memories have the memories
of those childly alfresco corroborees
in our fab fabaceous herd
to fable and be heard
habilimented in our grinning habiliment
when the gibbous moon mans the firmament

Only memories have the memories
when salubrious all were boundaries
when limbs would circulate for black shoes
jumping from mergs through bergs of boos
mounting limbs through bough
of barkless birches at arms that bow

Propelling through pools and billabongs
chortling a chorus as the dong of gongs
bathing in the thin-tall-tears of the skies
running down and up with screeing cries
when those stormy tears greeted our habitats
and the currents waited for us in the puddly fats

Only memories have the memories
for honorary were those horaries
till the abranchious grew gills
when no reason climbs me up the hills
storied are the days, told are the nights
taled are the hopping and tethered kites

Only memories have the memories
now that mind thinks for cowries
and limbs forage for fodder
for the nippers I seem the holder
jejune wards now are my memorabilia
let man swear if those days never were dear

All Rights Reserved, Adeouye Muydeen

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