Friday, May 1, 2015



In Honor We Stand

We stand in perfect silence but hear the cry
Of lost loves lament and pain for souls that die
No words of praise, I'm sorry will you hear from me
I mourn and rage and wave my fist at War's evil vulgarity

I ask this please, let only compassions flag be unfurled
I pray for peace and common sense for this war-torn world
I speak these simple words of peace with bated breath
That no more innocent souls will face a gruesome death

But here I stand before the flag and bow my head
To those who fought and died for freedoms they said
With Aussie courage, they faced enemies rapid fire
To save the world from hate and a forecast future dire

They marched side by side through pain mud stench and flame
I salute your sacrifice and life for in your name we know no shame
I see your weary souls marching on side by side in darkest night
Drum of heartbeats as the bugles call to gird themselves to fight

Suzan Moore Mckie

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