Friday, May 1, 2015




Here I am dearest
Alone in a paradise we owned,
Everything around I see, is a reflection of your beauty..
While tracing the letters
That spelled your name
The thought of you came fresh to me,
It was just like yesterday,
When love was sweet,
Oh, so sweet it was!
That I could wish it last
But fate's been cruel
For our sacred love was sinful..
Your smile that used to please me,
Your hands that I love to hold,
Now only exist in my memory.
The night you said goodbye
How it pained me and wounds still fresh and bleeds.
''Leave my love and never look back''
''Its forbidden too we know''
Those words, I reminisced
On that night as you turn, walk away and slowly fading on my sight.
I was left here alone w/ nothing
Than 2 treasure the remnants of our broken dreams
The night is cold & empty,
My heart wishes for you to touch me..
Did you sometimes spend
a moment in our past?
When you're alone and free to dream at last?
My pure hearts been wounded, tortured by fates cruelty
Wishing the love that cud never b free..

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