Friday, May 1, 2015



Extra Terrestrial Wisdom

The wise ones
Looked down
Upon the Earth,
The first one thought
"Is it worth
Going down there
To show them how
It's possible to live
Together in the now
And build for all
A future strong?
Then he thought
"Nah, it'll take too long,
Firstly I'd have
To be prepared
To teach them
How resources
Can be shared
Equally so all
Have enough
Without life having
To be so tough
For so many
Throughout time
It really is a terrible crime.
Anyway they won't listen
Too many want
The stones that glisten
For which they are
Prepared to kill
This creature, man
He has free will,
And with it he
Will always strive
For power over
Everything alive."
The other wise ones
Thought " we too
Agree with every thought
That you
Have clearly put to us
Just now
And our combined wisdom
Can't work out how
We could ever do
The things it would require
To rescue man
From the deep,deep mire
In which he finds
Himself now sinking
Because of his serious
Dearth of thinking."

Tom Higgins 25/04/2015

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