Friday, May 1, 2015




As termed by you
You, a friend I have
Have such a deep meaning
Meaning that soothes the ill-fated
Ill-fated in this whirling world
World that has so many faces
Faces of divinity
Divinity that makes all love
Love the truth, the brotherhood
Brotherhood that everyone should prize
Prize like the diamonds, the rubies, the golds
Gold that reminds us of the manners we have
Have as faithful of the Divine
Divine providence, as our forefathers worship
Worship with love, humbleness and great faith.
Faith that will give us our Divine Soul
Soul that is pure, honest and divine
Divine Soul!


I kissed the breeze that passes by
In the hope that it reaches you as I sigh.
I embraced the wind that blows my hair
As it will touch you just the same.

The flowers bloom to make you smile
Their scents to remind you how I try
To make our love grow as days go by,
To make you happy all the while.

You bring out the best of what I am.
You make each minute worth being there.
You are the reasons for all I care.
YOU are my LIFE, my Life to share

Copyright 2000. Dr. Armeli Quezon

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