Friday, May 1, 2015




Well...maybe not ALL!
But I have written about much of the "seen"
So even though Sam Johnson
Might assert that the other does not exist
I often feel compelled to try to find it.

When I visit a Montana ghost town
I'm not thinking of ghosts
I'm imagining the place full of people
Noisy and happy and living their lives
Gone except there for me.

Scientists seem surprised that we dream
Stories spun of memories and fantasy
Yet I'm more amazed that dreams waking end
That the creation of all the reels and reels
Stops the moment our eyes curtain open.

But maybe the dreams always flow
Perhaps there is some part of our minds
Where the invention continues as ever
Only overwhelmed or overlayed
By the less subtle movies of "reality".

Let us not forget that brightest day
Is simply night with the addition of light
Isn't the darkness really with us still?
Held in abeyance just out of sight
Undercover not removed from existence.

If you have ever altered your consciousness
Perhaps you have observed how things
Can flow and weave into each other
Not held separate by our unwavering attention
Is everything chaos or rigidity or something between?

Then there are those of whom I think
First among them those whom I love
Who are not with me by death or by choice
Or by those circumstances that control
The destiny of who might be and where.

Still, they abide with me wherever I go
Though they remain invisible to observers
The ones I feel the most are often the ones
Most impossibly lost
Who can never truly stand with me again.

And though some resist its mention
What of the unseen mind of God?
Perhaps it is no less real than all the unseen
Past and dreams and forces and spirits around us
Awaiting discovery by those who are of the seen.

©2015 Steven W. Baker

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