Friday, May 1, 2015




Without reservation, you breathed hope

back into a stilled, beaten heart.

The continuous breath of your fire,

billowed a dying ember into an enraged start.

You gave love generously, endlessly,

where hope no longer had lain claim.

Gave of yourself unconditionally, without restraint,

without consideration or shame.

Reshaped reality where tortured facades had reigned,

your designed deviltry reclaiming partched, brittle thoughts,

retempering iron, strained by fatigue, too overwrought,

lovingly enwrapping my heart, while unravelling it's knots.

No longer is the world a shinning apple, poisenous to the touch.

Despised fetid fear vanquished, once again I'm made whole.

Through time, laughter, tenderness, and love you've restored,

sheading darkness with new light, submission of a tarnished soul.

© Allan Boettger 2015

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