Friday, May 1, 2015



“Oh Lord (Can You Hear the Cry of Our Humanity?)”

I wake up every morning and I call your name
I search endlessly for some solace in a world gone all
So insane

I hear the million voices of the human cry
Caught up in torture with no resolve and a decree for a
Resolution that forever seems to pass on by

Do you ever really hear the world trying to reach on

The Heaven’s promise for resurrections due
For the wretched lonely and those caught in intrepid

The human plea in a tortured world shouting out in
Decrepit pain and their endless tears

In spite the constant rendered in the ungodly injust
I know that you still must exist to at least resolve the
Pain as the ashes then turn to dust

It is the human endeavor to desire a rightful truce
To end our blighted pains and to then feel your exalted

But, can there ever really be an answer as we forever
Wage war against ourselves?

The forsaken commonality in the essence of the human
In being

It is to retain the wasted in the shadows of evil for the
Light of justice to never then be seen

Oh but, God can you hear the embattled shouts of our
Human pain?
Oh Lord let us lie in something other than our ageless

Please hear us and lead us home

As to end the crashing gates timelessly drowning us in
Our bloody floods that forever condemn us to endlessly

R.J. Panizza
©2015 R.J.P.

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