Friday, May 1, 2015




You are my scenic fishing port
my historic Railway Station
my triple bayed garage
my tranquil calm in a Force Ten gale

You provide emotional stagnation
when troubled times are all around
you occupy my space
with positivity and compassion
you are a concrete pillar in my fluid life

You provide a seat for my loving heart
You are my continual sweet dream
You provide me with everlasting hope
You help me to breathe
You inspire me to cope

You are my fairy tale
my perpetual desired wish
You are forever in my thoughts
You occupy my mind and soul

I look at a picture of you,
be it in my mind or in reality
in a captured moment
and I dream and smile
and I lose track of time

Whenever you are near
I feel the need
to hold your hand
and whisper
that I love you

Copyright - Jules Clare

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