Sunday, May 1, 2016




Is sad if one cannot dream
of rivers bathed in bluish-green
or mossy beds on which to lie,

Would be the saddest shame
If one could not drown in passion's rain
Or clutch to vines of purple ribbons,

No regrets lie in a mind of sensuality
that has a playground of amusements
parks filled with birds of scarlet and tiny flowers,

Hope hanging like festooned branches
glimmers of dew drenched like diamonds
ponds tucked within trees coven,

Drenched flesh of two hearts
to heart secrets under surface of smiles
Priceless treasures behind doors,

'Tis sad the soul that feels it is whimsy
Not open enough to allow the rain to fall
Heartbreaking the one who feasted upon the slightest taste,

No confidence to dare swim deeper and perhaps
dies awaiting for the train to show
yet the dusty road's expanse lies lonely,

A soul so sad to tell one swinging from vines
Dressed in pink flowers that those vines are
In one's imagination if clinging to the perfect chariot,

Or perhaps a new concoction brushes moist lips
Butterflied hearts floating on waves that cover
and pull under in frenzied rapture oh a symphony,

Not a heart alive can deny the beauty of these words
like trinkets of shimmering colors tinkling with chimes
Sad the one who has thought enough to dare deny another,

The grandeur of these longings and sweet tips upon
tongues that tango in a mellow mood
Still the passion of the ones who see these prisms,

Who refuse to look upon what may be
but rather grip tightly to these dreams
in rainbow Technicolor hues,

For this is love.



Blue silk encases pale skin
Tender with dew
Lattice work hangs in abundanceWinding with gentle determination around buds...

Pink with longing
Ropes of green
Like nature's necklace
Worn as a choker
Proud and a bit reserved..

Not a sure way
Or a path of complete certainty exists..
Whilst questions light up every corner
Fireflies flitting in the mind while it rests quite reclusive...

Reticulation is the dream of an enchanted mistress
Tendrils burst beautifully from haunted corridors..
Perhaps loftily mingled with prudishly
An unexpected girl blushes; however..
Crystal clear perceptions still threaten a tender sensuality.


( Inspired by our lovely friend and poetess, Jolly)

Could we tame one another's hearts…both caught up in the whirlwind that was and is our love?

My mind tied around every single second we once shared
Yet, no more,

I feel these chains bruising, tearing every fiber of a wounded heart, still now,

I would walk upon a leash or would I for you?

May I lead you, dance playfully upon your softest fur?

Wrapping arms of passion around your gallant frame,
Refusing to accept the hints of the games you played,

Yet, the chasm bore through my soul remains
Our love left a scarlet stain,

I cry in an empty forest captured behind cumulous clouds,

I walk regally to a frozen pond; I thirst for one sip not found...