Sunday, May 1, 2016




This poem for everything
we have never had
This is to the cars we never rode;
for the dresses we never wore;
for the rich and for the poor
This is to the sentences and words
that our throats chocked in,
but never told~

This is to the fathers we've never had
To the good-hearted mothers
whose hands are full of peppers and onions smells
This is to the sisters I wished I've never had
and to the one who I wouldn't exist
without having
This is to the religions I was born with
To the beliefs I convinced myself in believing
This is to my innocent past and my corrupted present~

This is to my patient future
To the universe, earth and nature~

This is to boys we liked
but never talked to
To the girls we wished we could be
but failed every time we tried to~

This is to the food we ate
not out of hunger
but to extinguish
our depression that wanders
around like a careless tourist~

This is to the restaurants we never walked in
To the countries we never visited
and to the streets we never got sick from
This is to the shops we never bought from,
because their prices and brands are bigger than us;
bigger than our budget;
bigger than who we are and who we can be~

This is to the dreamers and losers
This is to the nails we grew;
and  the watches we wore,
so we can "fit in"
This is to your people
and my people
and we-people
we die to satisfy~

This is to our sleepless nights
and to our sleepy nights
This is to our dreams and cries;
our truths and lies
our Hi's and goodbyes
This is to the No's and Yeses
To the rejection and acceptance~

This is to every organ
of our bodies,
trying to live
trying to be
Let it be~

Haleema Al-aide


spoke of love before
they ever receive any
To the women who
like to define themselves
as being mighty
smart or even lively
rather than mere women
To the ones who wrote
Letters and learned how to read or write
without any guidance or instructions
on literacy~

This is to the women
whose beauty is a river
that never runs out
Whose thoughts
are mind-boggling
This is to the women
who smoke your cigarettes
and breath your air
Who consume your insecurities
and turn them into something
something forceful
something womanly
something influential~

This is to the forgotten women
This is to the ones who drank from men's hatred
swam in oceans of poverty
This is to the women
who loved and were denied
Gave and were ignored
Suffer and were disregarded
This is to us
all over the globe~

Haleema Al-aide


Don't text me
I don't feel the words
you originated
after midnight
trying to speak love
to me~

Why do I want
our eyes to meet
to speak passion
to make love
just by looking at each other
meet me
meet every part of my body
feel the presence of my sensations~

Don't text me words
words don't matter
I can't talk to a L O V E word
neither can you declare your affection by constructing empty sentences~

I don't want to disappoint
my soul
meet me
for one last hour
for one last minute
Let our souls collide
for one more time
but don't text me~


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