Sunday, May 1, 2016



Wake up in the morning
Tired and glad
Life is running to plan
It's showing its hand

Glide through my elevenses
Eyes open wide
My taste buds have little to hide
My soul has nothing to decide
Living moment by moment
Totality to abide

In the afternoon I slow down
I apply my senses, I am universally around
I smile to myself, I'll never drown
I'm both a cunning fox
and a docile hound

Early evening and I really chill
I've written verse so I've paid my bills
I relax with my Nikon
I meditate with my stills

I ponder sweet memories of my past
Times before rheumatoid arthritis
Devouring Lake District hills
Reaching tops, instant magnificent views
100% more satisfying than taking mind bending
side effect inducing pills

I live in my memory
I appreciate my time-line and it's thoughts
I savour life's moments
The Good, The Bad
It's in and out fills

It's bedtime now
I visualise the day
I meditate in my own particular way
I keep self-induced negativity at bay
I discard others evil,
Society's enduring bile
I dream of the scent of nature
and drays of hay

With memories of us I empathise
I care, I go all the way
I don't think about the future
What can I say?

It's not mine to totally control
I accept that, it's okay, I'm on a roll
All I do is smile
Minute by minute, hour by hour
Appreciating every single day

Life is for living; death is unforgiving
Live with soul through your smile
Never ending love in your heart
with a forgiving, free open mind
Then, and only then will I find
Totally agreed, instantly with speed
Personal satisfaction guaranteed

Copyright –
Jules Clare & Benter Adenyo
Tuesday, 29th March 2016
Jewelster Productions Ltd


I never give up on good things
They always makes me feel better
I never give up on the bad things
I'm never gone, I'm a go-getter

A month away from my son
Two decades ago nearly gone
A five day coma, almost done
Millions of yellow stars rushing at me
I was ready to meet my Maker, God, The One

A nice nurse held my hand
She whispered, 'Don't go I'm here'
Forget Heaven, you're still needed on dry land
You have a reason to live
Smile, never shed a tear

Don't ask questions, answers will become clear
Live each moment and smile
Those who saved your life
will always be near

Run life's marathon in your own peculiar style
Show no-one any fear
Things will always be better
Convey your message, loud and clear

Copyright –
 Jules Clare & Benter Adenyo
Sunday, 20th March 2016

The Jewelster has been quiet over the last week. I have been doing my own thing. I don't need to tell you everything I have done. It is all magical though. But some of it is personal. You will never know the full story. I will write poems about my privacy, but poems can be interpreted six or more ways, and I am happy with that compromise. People will never know the real truth unless I tell them and I don't do that very often.....

I will tell you about what has happening each day which is fair enough. But I will be telling you to educate you, to apply the story to your own lives. There is no way I will ever preach to you or try and heal you.

Every one in life has a pure responsibility to look after themselves and themselves only. Once they love themselves I reckon they can attempt to try and respect their friends and close relatives.

We should all try to do that. It brings personal satisfaction and happiness in the long run. Sharing ideas is not about one person being more powerful than the other. It is about being into parity, equality and respect. It is not about being into egos, it is not about looking at somebody and saying he or she is not losing the plot.  It is about care and compassion. It is about One Love.   

Copyright –
 Jules Clare & Benter Adenyo
Sunday, 20th March 2016

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