Sunday, May 1, 2016




sun that gives us light
brightens our darkest moments
moon that light up our nights
heavenly bodies twinkling above
perhaps a comet passes....
Venus shines so bright

have you ever thought
we have a perfect universe
amazing galactic movement
encircled the earth
i must be an astronomic freak
watching this spectacular sight
and gaze at starlight’s.....

below me greeneries
meadows carpeted with dandelions
new life sprouting from underneath
a rebirth ......a new day
i breathe i see i smell
then i hear the beautiful melody of the larks
while i sat on a bench in the park
i praise the symphony of life....

Eden Hundsdoerfer
(All Rights Reserved (c) dated 02.04.14)


faded memories once treasured
laughter’s shared in the garden
in spring and summer delighted
narrating those fairy tales
dreams under the moonlit sky
you once said up there there's a shooting star

i tried to refresh your mind
as i combed your silver hair
you smiled and kissed my hand
gently took caressed your face ignored what i implored
instead you asked me to bring you a glass of water

feelings of distress refused to accept
you nodded again you smiled and asked
why am i sad is there something that bothers...
take me for a walk under the moonlit sky
and wish to see a shooting star
for i have not seen so far

sitting on a rocking chair
your favorite melody played on the radio
no reaction instead your eyes gazed
again up above under the sunlit sky
and said where's the shooting star
for i have not seen so far....

Eden Hundsdoerfer
(All Rights Reserved (c) dated 11.04.16)


gentle winds moved the shadow
held my breathe and stared
the silhouette behind the curtain
i could not make out

the thought of a living soul
or a ghost behind that wall
wanting to say something
i crawled back beneath my bed

each night in darkness appeared
tamed me romancing in the deepest dark
as if hypnotizing my heart
submit to his indulgence

i felt the throbbing heart
but can't fathom the bottom
strange emotions enveloped my body
in silence his body haunted me...

(All Rights Reserved (c) dated 05.12.14

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