Sunday, May 1, 2016




O woman, you are the creation
Artistic touch of the Love
You are the light that gives life
You are the passion that pulsates
You are heat of the Hearts
You are creative bliss of the Creator
Creation of the Eves revolting kiss
Revolt from slavery to freedom
From darkness to new dawn norm.

You opted to love to create, to give birth
Turned hot burning star to the creative Earth
You became Rainbow in the mist of spring
You became song of butterfly and flightof a dove.

You are the creative bliss
Creative bliss to sprout flowers and colors
You seeded life  within you like earth
Fed by your blood and by breasts
Breast feeding with smiles
Bearing all pains
You became tender embrace heartfelt romance .
You became mother of saints and scientists
You nursed the sick and served as Nightingale.
You stood as pillar along with your man when loved.
You flew from earth to skies.

You are fragrance of your home
Caring Mother for the kids and the old.
You are the music of the Creation
You are the dance of the rippling stream
You are good mother ,good sister
Good partner and and best teacher.
You are Foundation of nice family and society
You are tenderness of rose petals
Warm as Spring , cool as breaze
But electric when touched
Fire if set afire with hate.
Oh woman you are torch of love
You are the light that gives life
You are proud to have your Adam's kiss
That's why we call you Nature's Creative Bliss
To mother as mother Divine wish.


Sitting in a Cafe in Downtown

I hear words falling on tables

giggling and laughing

Quarrelling and wrestling with each other

Making faces to save their faces

Ego strike horn with other ego

Colours of cheek change from pink to pale

From pale to pink at blushing remarks

From pale to red with sudden rush of emotions.

Hot coffee lingers sadly to look cold eyed

Like a hard hit discarded feminine gender

Looking with cold, scorn face at masculine gender.

On coffee table,

Cigarettes share their views on poetry

Talk from Milton to T. S. Eliot to table poets

Discussion and remarks from simple diction to surrealism

From surface level to deep modernistic trends

From subjective physical to mystery and metaphysical

From brotherhood to sharp teeth of radicalism.

From love,peace to terror and wars

Smirks and smiles changing their glances

Talks rub themselves with cigarette smoke

And sudden roar of laughter shakes the walls

On one side a lone soul sits with laptop

Fingers on keys running softly parts of a "piano"

Munching sandwiches in their shining or strained teeth

Smartly giving jerks to their hair to make sudden waves

They build their own castles in their minds

From hunger crawling in streets and dens

To those who cash on hunger and creeds

And roll on their vessels and crafts of greed

Non sense words they trash in trash cans to dispose off.

Nearby, butter soft silky " flowers"

Talk in murmurs on dates or on blind dates

Economics play its part to stay or part away with smile

Emotions never go too deep through skins

Decencies are kept on folded handkerchiefs

Or kept as lapel-flowers to smile on or smile away

Gripping hands tightly or to be withdrawn sheepishly.

True and untrue words run recklessly

Glances and colours change their hue frequently

Mist often appears on cheeks and foreheads

Puffed away with tissue papers or puff pads with soft touch

Coffee table change less but perfumes mostly change

With change of pleasantries, metaphors and phrases

Sensuousness greets sensibility with pride.

Please,please, cation smiles with modesty

When any point is voiced too loudly with a roaring laugh

Bitter coffee ingredient stimulates digestion

To nullify bitterness of the words jostling on coffee tables.

Coffee tables remain little affected

Only they need clean up if messed upon

And smile again and again like a auto set smiles

All attentive to attend a sudden glance or a tap

And to serve those who play and wrestle with words.

Mohinderdeep Grewal


  1. words of appreciation and respect for women is all love that goes to the best person in the world .."no other than mothers" that can mold a soul and a heart into one person...wonderful Mohinderdeep my friend <3

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