Sunday, May 1, 2016




Suddenly I searched beauty in every sector,
As if life turned its table to erase my fear factor,
World around seem more beautiful with its sweetening nectar,
The cool air touches my senses with zest to reflect my glow better,...
I started humming the love songs again to smile further,
My strides got fresh energy to walk faster,
Started looking stars in night’s cool spectre,
The romantic wires tied me with its fragrant vapour,
Absent minded i worked as if I am in slumber,
Brain and heart play hide and seek ,who is mightier,
Emotions and feelings supersedes in my courtier,
The coloured sting of passion imprisoned me with dreams brighter,
Every throb of my heart sings with lyric of zither,
Wants to weave bubbles with waves of pitcher,
May be this is love I cry louder,
My inner voice accepts this emotions deeper.


While pilling your picture in a covered file,
I saw you smiling and making me smile,
Struck for a while,...
Peeping my subconscious reel,
Saw you beaming out powerfully every time,
I started to weave your line in parody,
As I am drenched in your melody,
Mirrors reflect my enhancing glow,
So emancipating that it dwells to crawl me more,
Now I am tangled by your passionate grip,
Without you I can’t live,
The moments of eagerness may change its shape,
Then also you will beep from my
golden shield to renew our romance with smile

There on the bench both sitting together to enjoy the soothing breeze and view the evening hue,
I heard the melodious old song coming from their radio tune,
Their cheerful faces with the beat couldn’t control myself to walk near their feet,
Perhaps lost in their golden days ,my interruption disturbed the image,......
Greeted me with warm smile to enjoy the moment with them for a while,
All of a sudden she said,
the programmes are still same,
Our forgetful heart still hums with oldie click, straightening the line in one sheet,
I could feel their eyes half open with exasperation,
May be they are counting the lost thread in
their jurisdiction With a desire to mix the past with present as gratification,
Like me their son entered in middle, to see the triplication,
My stares glance from past to present in conglomeration,
The hearts once sing for self now beeps with family gratitude weaving dreams of high altitude,
His son changed the channel ,the song changed its colour,
More louder n rhythm in beat jerked my thought to slow,
I said looking at their dissatisfying eye new generation hardly follow the old melodious rhyme,
But the honey is sweeter in every sector,
Oldies changed the song of radio to little I-pod,
We too flow with the view with soothing breezes of aspiration,
The past has its colour rings so as the present more colourful wings,
Weather same but character change,
Music may old or new got its own flavour to gulp our hearts through its tune,
It’s only we who travel the road in dubious sway,
Positive life is more beautiful despite every differentiation.


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