Sunday, May 1, 2016


Nadine Jessel


As think of this dear friend 
and our immersion together
the emotional tears
flood my eyes
I never wanted to let him go
Wasn't able to say goodbye
Blemished aspects eroded
dissolved in the devotion
which therefore departed
Hence, it was time to close 
the silent, aching fracture
that exists
by allowing him to spread
his wings
and fly
on his own course
in the hope that he embraces
my enlightening gifts
to light his way
His sudden and ambiguous 
portraying the resemblance
of the stench of rancid milk
Dimming the light 
of the radiance
within my heart and soul
His senseless pride 
was bound to the sword
that imposed the final cut
The slayer that executed 
the Spirit and Heart
of the friendship’s Soul
The biased ego accomplice 
quashed the flow
which sustained imminent fondness
The beast of demise 
unjustly valued
veiled the darkness
of eluding truth
Hence, I've always believed 
that nothing lasts forever
But I have to honor myself
and preclude the bleeding
Valuing and restoring 
my dignity
and enforce my morals
ultimately sending him
from a distance
and love
in my prayers
As I heal my Soul 
and let go
of the pain
from the state of this decay
I withdraw
in a silent goodbye
and release him
from my life
If only he had the emotional clarity 
equal to the love
in his heart
this friendship would not have been
so bitter-sweet
with omens I ignored
from the start. ~NJ~

Nadine Jessel
Copyright (c) – 2013 - All Rights reserved
From My Heart ~ To Your Soul


You are in my heart
How else could I feel the rhythm?
You are in my eyes
How else could I observe?
You are in my touch
How else could I feel?
You are in my mind
How else could I comprehend?
You are in my intuition
How else could I sense?
You are in my experience
How else could I identify?
You are in my words
How else could I convey?
You are in my core
How else could I have merit?
You are in my laugh
How else could I rejoice?
You are in my goals
How else could I triumph?
Who am I? 
I am my Soul ~NJ~

Nadine Jessel
Copyright © - 2015 - All rights reserved


While the flute is playing
in the land of nowhere
searching the way
to somewhere
there is an ambiguous road
Mystic moments 
in thoughts of haze
is there a way out?
Searching for
the pinnacle balance
as the wind is blowing
and the sun is shining
all around my head
While the flute was playing
mindful matters searching
for the heart’s leadership
Blinded by numbness
exploring in prudence
the truthful
and decent path
the genuine and trusting faith
The wind is blowing
The sun is shining
all around my soul
While the flute is playing
leaving nowhere land
I hear the sound 
of the flute
calling to me
music all around
clearing the mind
founded in trust and love. ~NJ~
Copyright © - 2014 - All Rights Reserved
From My Heart ~ To Your Soul ®


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