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Language is all we have to pit against death and silence
                                                     Joyce Carol Oates.

Language communicates with people and time, nature and soul. The forms may differ but the essence remains the same and powerful if the creator can express his or her talent with proper dignity and elegance. And poetry is one of the best medium for this purpose. The primary obligation of a poet is to communicate with her inner self. To broaden the canvas of his or her vision as well as feelings for both the life as a conscious being and people and time in general. Poetry is born If and only if one can achieve this.

Some would like to argue about this primary obligation of a poet, saying that the true goal of poetry or literature or any form of art in general is to save mankind from the demons of ego, pride and the greed to rule over others to gain more and more power. We wouldn’t like to argue with their views with counter arguments, but what we would try to emphasize is that one can go forward to fulfill these obligations only when one can establish a self identity communicating with his or her inner self.

To establish this self-identity is really vital especially for a poet if he or she really wants to communicate with a wider audience across geographical locations and time. Only then he or she can make an impression in literary history without which nobody can fulfill that true obligation of an artist – that of saving mankind as many people demand from a poet.

Everybody knows with the internet revolution in this age of information and technology the dimensions of literature has largely been extended beyond our preconceived ideas about literature in general. And that is the reason why people are writing volumes. This has both a good and bad side as usual. Our Poetry Archive is trying to nourish only the good side of the spectrum bringing in poets from all over the world from different literary traditions and heritages. With the completion of the first year of web publication we have started a new section “Poet of the Month” felicitating one poet every month with an exclusive interview and publishing his or her five representative poems. With the first issue of our second year we have published the interview of Poet Ana Nedelcu of European Union which has already gained immense popularity among our readers. Our poetess of this month is “Sandra Sass” of USA. Another popular poetess Deborah Brooks Langford has done this lively interview of Sandra Sass which was edited by Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds. We convey our utmost gratitude to all these poets who are constantly enriching this web journal with both their talents and their time. We would also like to extend our thanks to Poetess Deborah Brooks Langford who has almost single handedly introduced many new poets and poetess to the readers of Our Poetry Archive. We are glad to present some of them in this current edition for the first time. So we hope our readers will enjoy this present number even more.

Those who would like to participate in our upcoming numbers, please send at least three poems and a profile picture along with the explicit confirmation of your permission for publication in OPA well before the 21st of every month. Our mail address is

With this note we would like to thank all the poets, writers, friends and all our readers to make OUR POETRY ARCHIVE an internationally renowned poetry journal.

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