Sunday, May 1, 2016


Sunita Paul
Pen name Nitasu Laup


I'm angry, you too get annoyed
Who will make up?
Today there is a rift; tomorrow it will deepen into a ditch,
Who will fill it up?
I'm keeping quiet, you too don't speak
Who will break this silence?
If we take small things so deeply in our heart,
Who will keep the relationship strong?
I'm sad, you too are not happy, being separated,
Who will first lend the hand?
Neither I agree, nor do you,
Who will show the power of forgiving first?
If we get engrossed in our memories,
Who will strengthen our patience?
Ego is working in you and me too,
Who will fight and defeat this ego?
Life is not permanent; it comes with an expiry date,
Who will stay lonely forever in these few moments ?
If any day one of us closes his/her eyes and the soul rests in peace,
Who will regret this non-replaceable loss???????



As the daylight fades today
I remember those lines, which you used to say
That, I’m your heart and soul
Then how come now you changed my role?
Why did you banish me?
When I had gave my everything to thee?
And let me be all alone?
Left me deserted only to cry in pain and moan
The setting sun, took me back to those fading memories
When you took me in your arms and kissed me as you please.
Your deep long kisses still lingers inside me
My lips crave for those touches, the truth which can never be.
You have found someone else
With her you have rung the wedding bells
I wish you all the best in life
May you be happily married to your loving wife.
Still one question I have to make
In this world was there only my heart to break,
Leave me all bruised and wounded,
And no more love to be ever founded?
I had let all of my love to grow,
With you, my heart had a overflow.
Now I'm dying in pain,
I pray and hope we never meet again.



Waiting for you with dreamy eyes
Forgetting just how time flies.
It's now been a habitual form,
To wait for you, no matter it rains or storm.

My heart aches in pain when you never come,
I know there isn't any hopes left,
But still I have wishes some,
Which deep down in my heart I have kept.

That one fine day you will be mine,
And my dull, gloomy world will again shine.
Life will be all laughter and smiles,
With these dreams I can cross many miles.

But one thing I'm very sure,
Our love was true and really pure.
Its my ill fate that I lost you,
I know you miss me as much as I do.



  1. AHHHH GIRLFRIEND this so wonderfull I love it...

    1. Its all because of you,I owe you.Love hugs my girlfriend, soul sis.thank u

    2. Yes! Poetess Deborah has done miracle for OPA bringing in so many poets and giving us an opportunity to introduce them to a wider audience. And we also thank you for contributing with your creative works.

    3. Thank you so much for your kind appreciation

  2. Thanks to Nilavro for your kind appreciation. You are so helpful.

  3. Really awesome penning... Please carry on...

  4. Really awesome penning... Please carry on...