Sunday, May 1, 2016



They met in their dreams every single night, only to be separated by the rays of morning sunlights. So today I wear her golden slippers, I enter her mind and heart and wrote down this poem with the ink of her soul. I also dedicate this poem to all lovers that distance and commitments are standing in the way of them being together. My fairy heart goes to you.

Your poetry is like a flower
growing profoundly,
inside my loving heart
and there is nothing
I can do to stop from crying~

Your voice is soft like
the forbidden stream
in the garden of my soul
and I can’t seem to get
you out of my mind~

In my sleep, you speak
to me of love and fantasy,
and there is nothing
I could do to stop you
from fading into the lights~

I can easily understand
why you cannot stay,
because you just don’t
realize how much you mean
to this aching heart of mine~

In our dreams, we'll
kiss all through the night
holding each other tight,
and we could never have
enough of one another~

I have had to write these
few little lines as quickly
as I could before it fades away
into the same rays of lights
that stole your love from me~

Nyla Errina Timandra


Love does not command,
and love has no pride.
I think I am falling in love,
this feeling appeared like magic
like soft kisses over my neck~

From just a hug my heart missed a beat,
I had palpitations, and tears in my eyes,
as Iimagining us together as one~

I read your name several times before reading what you wrote~

Something happened,
I am growing into a woman in love,
and I think I am losing my mind,
or am I just a prisoner of love
inside my vivid imaginations?

Nyla Errina Timandra


Kiss me as you love me.
I have not been able to close my eyes'
and slip away into the dream world,
because my lips are hungry
for your kisses,
while my body is aching for your touch.
So my sweet loving prince
come kiss me as you love me.



  1. Dear Nyla....Beautiful words of love that simply flow with love ! The last stanza of the poem, "Poetry", that you had to hurry and write down your feelings, before they fade..."into the same rays of light that stole your heart from me".

  2. The words grab the reader tight, as the words flow. Your poem, entitled "Poetry" is my favorite. As I could picture (the last stanza) A woman, frantically writing so fast, so that the words would not slip through into the cosmos, as it did to your own love. I was Wowed !