Sunday, May 1, 2016



In the rain all the pain was too much
That heart was no good to me.
Threw the damned thing in the river
Walked away feeling free~

Like birds, that collects colored things
This curious fairy came by.
She had flowers in her hair
Her best friend was a butterfly~

Despite the rough tumble
My heart was beating strong.
To find me she sent a message
It came as a wind song~

That meadow in the next valley
Where the wind was stirring the flowers
The message was clear
I'm a fairy with powers~

Open your eyes and look to the sky
I will find your abyss.
Your heart is now pure
You can have it back for one kiss ~

We will dance with the butterflies
To a wind song Mother Nature plays.
In the night with moon dust and star dust
God will bless you for your ways~

Thunder - was my dragon friend
Wise with the passing of time
Now - when life puts a mountain in front of me
I never need to climb~

Listening to the silence when the wind stopped
Thunder - shook the mountain with his call.
Took us to dizzying heights
When the mountain started to fall~

The echo, rolled through the valley
When it stopped - Thunder called from the sky.
Man - you should have been there
He scared every butterfly~

In a blaze of color on fluttering wings
My world was a beautiful place.
Rising like a cloud and swirling
Dividing - to reveal the fairy's face.~

Those berry-flavored lips were sweet
Dewey like petals in the morning
My heart was, stirring Thunder
When she vanished without warning~
Vlado Magic ~
Vladimir Petrosanec

Fire has never been a thing I feared
Never lit one without a just cause
My poetry and I set some hearts on fire
Perhaps - even yours~

Privately - I smile when I touch a heart
Always strive to express the real emotion.
Re-create the moment - like magic
Using ink - not some potion~

Must I burn, as I yearn all alone
I'm sick of this private hell.
Come dance with me
Cast your own magic spell~

Vlado Magic ~

Vladimir Petrosanec


Electric hypnotic passionate
This dance was only for my eyes
She came to dinner and brought some wine
Imagine my surprise~

Lighthearted and light on her feet
Celebrating the love in her heart.
We had wine gazing into each other’s eyes
Waiting for the music to start~

First strum of the guitar she broke free
Moved through the room like a wild fire.
This absolutely captivating woman
The center of my desire~

Her eyes would flash me a smile
Then we danced for the pleasure of dance.
With the sound of the music was her laughter
Man - we kissed every chance~

Midnight was long ago
She beckoned and we tumbled on the bed.
It was a night to remember
Loving my woman in red~

Vlado Magic ~

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