Sunday, May 1, 2016




Overwhelmed and inspired with gracious cheers~

The deep passion inside me is gratefully speechless~

I travel, fly and sail away, nothing I could say
These are all I want to do as ever could be
Despite of the noises confusing world creates~

I have to keep simply calm, quiet and behave
Behind these kind graces to me being poured
Let me be determined, unfazed and focused~

In exploring every moment of this wonderful life
Not wasting the rolling of time that keeps me alive~

I made my every second a thanks giving
And my every breath is now a worth living~

Helen Sarita


Give me the air to breath for others' lives
Lend me the sight for them to see
through my eyes~

Let me see clearly what's behind that blue mountain
The exciting rolling wheel of life hopefully could be for seen~

Whisper me the meaning of that summer
crying clouds
Why those cute hummingbirds are singing aloud?

Tell me why the waves ebbing sadly
in a silent shore
Answer me why the breeze smiles as it maneuvers into its direction~


You whisper me the sign how to mend their grievances
You ask me to show them how beautiful
the world is~

By teaching them to embrace the pain of their wounded spirits
That through loving and forgiving we're living life full of grace~


Thoughts fly drifting like a cloud
of a summer breeze
Whirling down like a golden leaves of old trees
Flowed with the trickle rain that falls in a hot summer~

Kissing the path, rolled over
and blown to somewhere
Cast by the wind and ended up to nowhere~

Words could be utter by a lonely heart in grin
Clear and loud wearing a sound of silence
Searching for an answer without a question given~

Wishing to smell one's shadow even
For a brisk moment
While the tiny drops of summer rain
becomes faster~

Feelings are down at time of loneliness
Watching the sad sky heavy and speechless
When thoughts and words lovingly tuning in
So many things happen and bring me to wonder
Like the unexpected rain that comes in summer~


  1. Oh my God you are more wonderful for supporting me Deborah.God will bless you more

  2. Oh my God you are more wonderful for supporting me Deborah.God will bless you more