Sunday, May 1, 2016




We were young willfully tied by our imagination
Our wit, art, passion  and musical inclination
It was a consensual evolution ....
Soon dominating brain devolution
Rumbling love heard empathic eco,
Muffled by your bloated ego.
You have failed in love a countless times
Paid no heed to these heart wrenching crimes
Years have passed and we are still together
Drowning  in abysmal tears I'm not a forsaker
Every time you cheat my heart bleeds deep within
Beautifully camouflaged by my pallid skin.
Overlooking your apathy and lies
Wait for a glint of love in your eyes
My soul never whines ,nor my lips opine ,
You dig me up to  play with -time to time.
Then when on my bed I  lay all bare
Pray save my soul ! for once you do care
I have only catered to your humane needs;
Never let love blossom,it's still a starving a seed,
For the love we once held so dear,
one last request
Hold me in your arms and embrace me to rest.
©nandita  12.4.2016.


Disappointment, loneliness, insignificance
Can push someone to the edge of oblivion
Jagged shards of memory cut , bite , scrap the already dented psyche
Even in recollection the heart squall for mercy.

Immobilized one stands rambling between if's and maybe 's
Locked in an unknown maze
the shrouded living corpse echoes every inhaling-exhaling breath.
Pain inscribe glyphs on the walls of the heart
Ecstasy's imminent storm moan and groan muffled in the wall.

The soul stands on the pulpit
Pretending to believe in -
I do , how well I do.
Awareness Like dark mocha in a cup of expectation
Float as froth on miraculous possibilities
Hoping to conjoin the now diverged path
And begin a new journey towards infinity.

As if awakening from a deep slumber
Happily entangled in situations and destiny
Glide past all devious despair
Triumphing over the chaos
Life starts all over again it's torturous journey in the labyrinthine path.
©nsamanta 6.4.2016.


Rising from the past a notion so vague ;came piercing the storm , grinding the snow ,knocking my door .
Sitting by the fire looked at the clock which showed midnight ,the pit pattering rain on the window pane made it even more forlorn.
You will come back to me I  knew,
The nostalgia grips every throbbing heart -
the warm cup of coffee besides this fire.
The sweet summer flowery aroma , the sultry togetherness ,cuddled in arms , letting the winnowing winds pass through my silky hair.
With each oozing hour, softly dying days ,the fading flowers, breaking tide, I feel the heat of ur burning pyre.
I knew you'll come my beloved , take me to the shining world of uncertain angelic light .
With passionate love, blind devotion ; I'll embrace the quivering fire feeling thousand warm kisses and a warm embrace.
A notion so vague yet so strong,
I know it's u at the door - Nostalgia of the past coming to seek solace in the present.

©nsamanta 13.3 2016

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  1. These are all great poems, but I believe "Unstoppable" is my favorite. We triumph "over all the chaos" and we keep on going. Yes, ... labyrinth is definitely a good word for this. I know whenever I slow down or fall back, it is always great to be able to rely on hope. Thank you for sharing Great pieces of poetry, My Friend, and keep inking!