Sunday, May 1, 2016




How to go on
When the world feels gray.
Caught in an ever-spiraling vortex of darkness with no light to guide me out.
My heart heavy~

Wondering what the point of this dismal world could possibly be.
When all that is good turns upon me in the end.
Drowning me,
Sapping my strength~

Leaving behind nothing but heartache and stress.
What is life when all that I do
All that I work so hard to accomplish means nothing and collapses around me?
When I give everything to others, all the light I possess, only to have it distinguished without a care~

When the momentary joy one may feel is smothered beneath the reality that no one really care about who you are or what you need.
I am so tired of the unanswered prayers.
The indecision at every crossroad~

My guides have left me rudderless to wade through the mire of life's lessons.
I just want to scream...
someone please take my hand...
help me...for the love of
God hear my prayer~

Yet here I wonder...alone
For those lights who reach out and try to grant me a release from my dark existence, I send what little blessings I have left in the hope you know you are appreciated and in my heart loved
I send a pray that my next life is better than this one. Without the financial worries, the loneliness, the loveless existence I wonder in now~

The hope for strong arms to hold me tight and assure me everything is going to be alright.
Maybe then my lonely mile won't be as difficult to achieve~

Sandy Sass


Life begins simple and true.
Adolescence brings about changes that challenge us to grow.~

Adulthood happens fast and furious and brings stress and indecision~

Now here I stand
On the precipice
wondering what to do~

Hoping for a sign,
some divine intervention.
My choices are clear,
Do I stand here and stagnate~

Always wondering 'What if...'
Locked in my safe little box where nothing changes and every day is predictable~

Or do I take that final step
moving forward to something just out of reach, with doors open wide encompassing the many wonders I have yet to explore~

Stay... my head whispers softly.
You safe...
You are stable~

Jump my heart roars
Life is not meant to stagnate.
Take the plunge.
Open yourself to new horizons.
For a moment I waver~

Then I leap~

Sandy Sass


A laughA squealAs the rain steadily increases.
He pulls her forth within the deluge.
He lives to hear her laughter.
Her eyes shining so brightly~

She brings out unfamiliar feelings
Those he has yet to explore.
She watches him with new eyes,
Seeing his willingness to meet her half way and let go of the adult and relive those moments with his inner child~

Her heart took up the temple as she saw his eyes turn molten as he gazed at her.
Her breath caught as she took a step closer to him leaning in to feel his hard contours against her own soft outline~

The chill of the rain
Did nothing to cool his desire.
As he reached out to pull her closer still.
He wanted nothing more than to feel her soft lips under his~

She reached out and gently touched his face in wonder before turning up her lips to his. As their lips finally met sparks wound their way between them setting off something unexpected~
Lifting his head in wonder he looked deep into her dazed eyes and knew without a shadow of a doubt he had found his way home and in her arms he had found his little slice of heaven~

Sandy  Sass


And the beat begins.
Click clack the bells find the rhythm~

Slowly hips begin to move
Back and forthBack and forth~

Heartbeats join
Ba beat...Ba beat...Ba beat
As they find the rhythm within~

Sweat glistens
Skin to skin
Slip and slide in the dance~

Moving, feeling the musical heat~

He moves her
She follows his lead
Back and forth
Dipping, gliding
Hands touching
Sending a message~

As old as time.
The music stops~
Eyes meet
Within them the beat still lingers~

Sandy Sass


She grew as the son her father didn't have.
She worked side by side bold as brass.
She skipped school everyday,
To spend that precious hour with her Grandmother at church~

She became the mother figure to her youngest sister, who came in their parents golden years. Loving, patient, and caring.
She served our country brave and true in the United States Air Force~

Was decorated for her abilities.
She stood out in the crowd
A figure to admire.
She set her sights on a quiet man~

One with strength and integrity.
She even want so far as to sit upon his lap on New Years and predict their nuptials.
She then became a mother~

Fast and furious.
Five children in seven years.
In the mist of leaving all she knew behind.
But she loved~

Her world was her family and her church.
She attended every meeting, every event.
She spent hours worrying over a daughter who like herself, didn't fit in, who had dyslexia and struggled. Who was ridiculed and teased~

But she loved~

She then saw her children off and watched as her nest emptied.
Yet she continued on~

She enrolled in college and graduated.
She knew pride.
Than things began to blur,
A memory slipped~

She struggled silently for years as the realization something was wrong plagued her.
Then life slowly erased~

She recognized her children, yet not their names. She drifted in a world that frightened her for she had no control~

Then the Lord called her home~

I stood at her side as she took her last and made a vow to her.
I promised that all the sacrifices she bestowed upon me would not be in vain~
It took years to accomplish, yet I fulfilled my promise and hope she is smiling down on this
'little rebel without a cause', and is pleased~


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