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When I Look I See Glass Offices
Filled With People Sat At Desks
Working From Nine To Five
Doing Whatever It Takes

Maybe Living To Work
Or Just Working To Live
Slaving Away, Just To Live
Giving All They Got To Give

Corporate Crap Dictates
That The People At The Top
They Rake In All The Cash
Always Refusing To Stop

Putting Capitalism Before People
Just Regulations, No Justice
No Life When Life Is Work
Work, Work, Work, Work

Putting Profit Before People
Well How Dare They,
The Pen Pushing
Government Cripplers

The Political Liars
The Sneering Ministers
The Corrupt Bankers,
The Corporate W*****S

When They Get To The End
Only Then Will They Have To Justify Themselves To A Higher Power And Justify Themselves
They Will.

Until Then We Can Only Get By
And Do The Dreaded Work
While All The Time We Wait
Yes We Wait And Wonder Why.

Shane Flynn


A Fallen Angel She Fell Heavily
She Fell Through A Twilight
Skylight, She Was Badly Hurt

She Had Broken Her Wings
She Was Unable To Fly
She Feared For Her Life
She Really Feared That
She Would Die.

Her Mind Weary
She Fell To Sleep
Knowing There And Then
That She May Never Awaken
Her Young Life It Would Be Taken

She Lay There Hurt And Broken
She Lay There In Pain And Shaken
She Felt As If Her Life Was Taken

Then She Heard A Whining Sound
She Opened Up Her Weary Eyes
In Front Of Her There Gifted
Was Such A Surprise

A Little Puppy
He Stood There
With Not A Single Care
Happily Wagging His Little Tail

As Her Condition Worsened
Poor Little Angel So Very Pale
She Asked Puppy To Go Get Help
But He Sat There Wagging His Tail

"Please Get Me Help Little Dog
I Have No Want, Nor Wish To Die"

Looking At Her With His Innocent
Glassy Little Puppy Dog Eyes
He Could See Her Sad Tears
He Could Hear Her Sad Cries

He Crept Up Beside Her
And Snuggled In To Her
He Lay His Head On Her
He Tried To Keep Her Warm
As The Life Drained Out Of Her

Both Of Them Went Fast Asleep
Only One, The Puppy, Woke Up
Little Angel Was Gone To Death
Poor Puppy He Yelped He Wept

He Thought He Had Saved Her
He Thought She Was Kept
He Thought His New Friend
Would Catch Him As He Leapt

Suddenly Little Puppy's Master
Entered The Room, Here Angel
Here Angel, As Puppy Ran Over

Oh Well What Is Wrong With You?
Why All The Barking Little Angel?
The Little Puppy Was So Glad
His Masters Had Come Along
Things Would Not Be So Bad.

Here Angel, His Master Cried
Her Time Had Already Come
She Really Did Have To Go
Sadly An Angel Had Died
One Angel Had Died.

The Truth Is, She Really Did Live
And She Was Saved By The Little
Puppy's Master.

When Puppy
Went To Get Help
He Brought Back His Master
Who Saved Her
Little Angel Lives

This Writer Told A Little White Lie
This Angel Deserved An Ending
The Written Word Is So Powerful
I Really Like This Happy Ending
I Think It's Fit For A Fallen Angel

And They All Lived
💥Believe In Angels💥


Shane Flynn


Circumstances Would Dictate
That Us Seven People Would
Be Here Seated Around This
Quirky Antique Oak Table

Our Hands Intertwined Together
As We Are All Sat Looking Inwards
Cautiously Eyeballing Each Other

At This Most Peculiar Circle
Us Seven People Are All Sat Here
All With Our Own Various Reasons
But All With A Common Purpose.

The Cynically Minded Readers
Among Us Will Most Probably
Be Imagining That I Am Trying
So Hard To Be Descriptive

Descriptive In That I Just Happen
To Be Describing An Out Of This
World Experience, Like A Seance
Well Now This Would Make For
A Very Interesting Story Indeed.

Unfortunately Though,
I Am Not Talking About
A Séance.

"We Are Here To Witness
The Opening Of An Envelope

A Crucially Important Envelope
That Will Undoubtedly Change
The Dynamics In This Circle
That We Have Here Forever"

Incidentally, My Incredibly
Beautiful Blonde Girlfriend
Is One Of These Seven People

The Envelope Is Torn Open
A Level Of Anticipation Arises
The Tension In The Air Could
Be Cut, Whoosh, With A Knife

As Sweaty Palms Flinch
And Sweaty Fingers Slide
As We All Wait Impatiently
Hearts Are Beating Really Fast

We are All Perceiving
Every Single Second As
One Never Ending Minute



"Those Invited Seven, Sat Here,
Are Here To Witness The Written
Contents Of This Sealed Letter"


"There Is Not One
Of You Here
That Is A Winner
No Not One Of You
Had The Slightest
Chance Of Winning"


"You Seven Here Are All Winners
You've Won, You Have Already
Won The Prize, It Is All Yours
All Of You Really Deserve It"

"Share It Among All Your
Family And Friends,
Everyone You Greet,
Don't Waste It
Cherish It"

It Comes But Once In A Lifetime




As Humans
WE Are Verbal Beings
We Need To Communicate

Communication Is Fundamental
To Our Existence And If We Don't Communicate With Each Other
Be It In One Form Or Other
Then We Have Nothing.

Every Single Relationship
That There Ever Was
That Did Not Work Out
Was Because Of One Word

Modern Irish Poet

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