Sunday, May 1, 2016




Only sparkling light be with thy fellow
In the mean time i burst out of grasping love
Though i am waiting through the door
Never she comes out to gaze
For she promises me always
Really she has no light to make me happy

I should be patient to wait
Since life seems so fare
And who knows there will be a change
Hoping so for the next



No wind won't be whispering to listen how far thy love there will be
Since it was the love which i discovered when i was a child
My childhood is full of memory
That there are so many leaves speaking to say thy love
I am really in the love not because of her beauty
But it is the love comes out from the bottom of my feeling
From heart to heart that is still urging
Though the love is considered as a blind
Not at all i experienced once because she was really a rose
Which never betrays me for a while
But she can keep a promise to love
She looks like a fresh waterfall watering my desire of love
She will be in life and death friend to side me
In the spring that the rose will be blooming to express thy love
It is a really romantic...
Wherever i go the rose is seemed to follow and blooming
Never be forgotten since i was born
This world seems to be beautiful because of her perfume
Never i miss during my departure to any countries
Because her smile is used to be dreamed
Oh, my love, oh, my love
Where are you now?
I will be in the same world as you are in now
Never i forgot to remind me for the love
Because you are a part of thy blood
Never be separated from the skin
You are not the autumn to make me fall
But thy love is really in yours since the childhood
I remember, i remember from now up to then



Though my bones go to snap in the moonless land
My breath is in your soul always
For it never runs away from the lives wherever you go
As long as this world is not broken into pieces
God only knows what i really do
He knows wherever i put on the love
He knows whom i love
For i never break my promise to keep
Since my childhood till to die that you are the fuel of my heart
You are the fruits of my garden
And i have no words to commend
If you keep it so in lives
I do say more than thousands words to express
It is really romantic that i kiss you from my place
But not in a palace because i am a simple one to keep the love
I am the love really
To be or not to be that the love is in yours
While my love is never in others' to move but in your heart
That my love is not like the rainbow
It runs wherever you are and it runs wherever you are



If your love is like the sun
I shall be running away from the lightning

So as to avoid my sadness under the tree
Where as the moonless night merely smiles
And gives me the lighting

Though the sun is hot and not to be a friend with
I only burst into laughing
Since my love be not achieved

I realize that the love is really romantic
Never i find out as long as my lives
But i respect once , twice till trice

Never i turn my eyes away from
Though the wind is blowing so heavily
Never i am confused to feel

She is the real pearl in my lives
Wherever i go i am still remembering
As long as this world is not crying

Though the hill is so far to reach
My foot is not so heavy to climb
For she is the queen of my palace

She is smiling to make me happy
Though she is not in my side from now and then
I remember, i remember i remember always

When she is coming back to my love?
No body knows where she is
I myself cry for the longing and for the lost

She sounds like break break at the sea side
But not like the ocean
Is very deep to dive and she looks wide to explore

Let her be smiling once
I only gain in my last dream
Never i forgot from time to time till to die



Never i have betrayed my love
Since you are once in my heart
You are the fresh water of my lives
Is like the leaves

Wherever i go i sing a song for the love
It can't be concealed
For you are the fuel of lives
Because of you i am the man of love

Never i have found that such kind of love
Though i do travel to whole the world
Never i find out who you are
You are the best of all in my heart

The song i sing is for you all
All my poetic words urged for the sake of love
Never have been betrayed once
Only once in my love to gain

Never i tell lie to express
To those who believe me once to say the love
For this earth is witnesses
Not for all of them

Say something about my love
For once in my lives that i am really in the love
No one in mind except
Because it was from my born till to die

My dear, say something about my love
Never i break promise to say
That be a sample for the love purified
That love affairs is as beautiful as the blue sky

Though the lighting of love fades away
It comes to appear once in my dream
For it never makes disappointed to wait
And the love will speak frankly

That really be convinced till the sea dries
It looks like rose to give perfume
For the lives is in paradise
Only once in my love to gain whatever i like



The only thing i worry about is solidarity
Is not like the sun shining from the East
Wherever i go the lightning will be coming to visit
While humanity is a brother of man at all

But no one cares of it
Supposed there will be,the lives will be prosperous
And the life seems so fare to enjoy
Why not?
Since my poetic words will urge the truth
Because the mankind is precious to exist

But many of them forgot to think so
Only the moon that they hope for the lighting
Mean while the creatures smile to agree
So as the man thinks and thinks

Because this world is bright for them
If the mutual understanding would be applied
I need the peace...
For the long life will be there to wait

The grace of Lord will be there to keep up
Until the mankind will have long life to stay
Even the earth will be ready to sing a song
As long as the man is on my surface

And the hell is so far away to burn
The heaven will greet them to live in
All are smiling , all are smiling
That be hoped at the end of the lives to run

So as to make man realize
What extravagant lives created by Him
For the mankind runs as long as the breath is on the air
Sooner or later that is experienced existing



My love never goes away from wherever you go
As long as this world is for us both
But it never hurts you before and after
Though you have been away from me for so long
Surely i will keep a promise to fetch
My travel for the love
Nobody inside i know except you at all
If you are really in love
And you might not do so to leave me alone
Come back to me my dear
Let sea dry and the mountain will break into pieces
That my love is not like others'
For you are at the top of my mind
And the fuel of my heart,which has been touched
Never scandal of bad deed is done since we are in love
Be sure of what i say, my dear
Promise me to be back as soon as possible
For i am unable to stand up for the lives
Because you are the flower of my lives
Which has been planted and grown up at the river bank
The flower is kept up and put in the love
I seldom come back home to remind
And feel unhappy because of missing the love
You are really the sun providing lightning
Wherever i go that the love is in my heart
For so long be waited up to die,my dear
Come back to me for i am now in the suffering
While the the autumn shows to drop the leaves
All the hope are missing at all
Please do say hello to my love for once and twice
That i am in your side be always
It is obviously urged whenever you contact me
My love is indeed for you and for those whom i hate
Let me say something and sing the song for the love
That my love is for you all and that what i say before and after
Keep my love up to die
Keep my love up to die



No waves of sea resist my brain
No trees on the earth can drop my love

My love is towards mankind of being suffering
Theirs are mine with no hesitation

In lives the man is a help
But how can I put up my right hand with

Because the creatures need help
Where is the man of the man

Why do they have to keep silent on the land?
They should cry for the suffering

Even the oppression has no voice
But that's the great suffice to notice

Where else the mankind is singing on suffering
Where is the humanity?

Love is above of all
That should be thought once or twice

Not necessary to count how rich i there will be
But the poor is a friend of God

The poor is the love
Wherever we go, it is found on the corner of the cities

Mercy is the love and we are the love
That should be provided by those needed

I am the love of them at all
I have no heart to listen them crying

Because they are human beings and have a right to live in
Where is the low?

Why should you keep silent and walk on the street?
They are human beings and hungry

This world will be smiling
If our hands are on them and let them run the lives



How can I express my love but you are never in touch with me
My love is really for you all
Since this world has whispered that you are the one whom i love
Never i miss you even when I am not alone
Wherever i am my love is not for others
You might have touched the flowers and its root
How i expose my love all days and night
And you may ask them
Never i tell lie for these all

How can I express my love but you never put up your hand with me
And my heart is not far away to travel
Never i break my promise before
While the lighting of love is still in our mind
Where are you now?
Why don't you go away from
I never stop to wait for your message
What is wrong?
I might not be suggested to ask for the dancing grass
They properly do not feel objection if i do say so

How can I express my love but you never see my suffering
Whereas the sun is still lightning and never stops to remind me
That my love is not like the rainbow
As long the waves of sea are roaring
To say my love is really like the moon in the night
And it never makes man feel bored
Thus, never makes anyone victimized to accept
That's the real love exposed till the sea dried, my dear


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