Tuesday, November 1, 2016




No worried if the moon gives lighting
As long as His mercy does not fade away
Never I forget Him
For the bless provided
Since my holy soul comes from Him
I thank Him always days and nights
For I pray to Him for the success
And nobody helps me
Except Him from the heaven I dream
The dream be factual if I come near
And no comment to put me in hell I hate


If you come in my heart
Never I throw you in the dustbin
For it is a memory of love
That be a flower of my lives

When you come to me like a lighting
I will fetch you in the moon
As long as it is a moonless night
And i say how great my love towards you

The love you express is not like green leaves
It sounds like a thunder storm
To make my body be cool
But not like a rainbow

I use to keep the voice of love
You have ever urged in my hope
As long as my breath is not out
That the nature of love be spelled


It was drizzling
To feel cool
I am unable to cover
I write a poem
For i have no blanket
How can i stand still
No food
No drink
I am a poor
My poem has not yet finished
The lines of poem are saying :
The poor and the rich
It is so different
And the racism is also the same
Different, different
Where should i go?
Should i report to the governance?
Is it possible?
Let me think first
It was tire to do so
Because no voice of them
They don't care for
Since i am the poor
But no money to pay
That the voice be noticed
Only crying to soothe my nerve
That the lives is cruel
And has no meaning
It is really absurd
But no suicide
Since the tree i saw has leaves
With a hope to run
Before coming into the silent land


My morning is bright
Till midday no rain
My feeling is calm
Since there is no foggy at all
That this world seems to smile
And I walk on the road to gaze
Where all the leaves are singing
And saying how this world will be
My horse stops for a while
For I am walking near the lake
From the distance is being heard
That this world is screaming
Because of cruelty
The mankind needs help
But nobody cares

Where should I come to report?
Is there potential way found?
Where is human solidarity?
Only to talk is too much
No ways to handle at all
If I were a bird
I would give my wing to fly
And settle all the cases
It is difficult to count
But I stop saying
For I burst out of not laughing
It is important to keep in
So as to be...
That humanity needs peace
For the lives will be in peace


In my twilight i come to say
That the age be more less
The pleasure is just the same
How can I come back to young age?
Is it possible?
Years by years my age is not as same as before
To trace back as before be unknown
Since my breath is not like green leaves
It has been dried for so long
As long as my existence being living in
This life might not be praised
Yet it is not eternal
Though it looks like a rainbow
And it looks like a bubble blows up in the air
While children are chasing to grasp
But it breaks down
That is known when the final lives be ended
Never the death be avoided
That is the final door to run
And nobody knows when it comes
All of sudden will be mysterious
Amazing, amazing
No one can get rid off from the sudden death
Because of its mystery
As we think it is not fair
That the destiny should be faced


No sky can be grasped
No rain can be stopped

No sea can be resisted
No waves can be swum

No death can be avoided
No case can be overcome

Depends on how to do it
Let think it twice or trice
Before the breath stops

And that's the final door
Must be thought
sm/copyright, 06/09/2016


Although my bones in the silent land were spoiled
Never my soul be inseparable from your breath
Since you are the fuel of heart
Which can be united then
As long as this earth will not become to be the dust
That had been inspired me to love before and after
Wherever you are i will be there to go along with
And i know who you are
That the sun will be a witnesses to see
How far my love travels to occupy
That the lighting you performs is enough for the lives


Though i can't grasp the stars
I am the wind to blow
As far as i can but not like that
Never i give up to do
My effort is for you all
That the love you perform is mine
I know, i know how much attention you give
I am alone for no friends and relatives
Therefore i think too much for this
Since the star gives me lighting
Never i throw away
That is a real pearl for the happiness
Till to die i will be with you always
So as to show lightning is previous
For the sake of lives to run


No single word can be urged
Since it reminds me how to avoid racism

The people become cruel
Without having thought that human relation is precious

It looks like golden
It seems like daffodils

To provide man happiness
To keep a friendship with others

To keep humanity and solidarity
Social justice is important role of all
Without oppression

That be a hope for generations to occupy
Whereas the lives is the major goal of all
Keep this on mind,keep this on mind


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