Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Your Smile

Actually it was only a smile
Only the sun rising
Only your face that made me stop and sigh
We left footprints in the land
We strolled hand in hand
In love we were that warm steamy night
In love we were two souls that knew no fright
You were with me in so many ways.
You were my everything my love and my life~

The sun set that day, the sunrise made us laugh
You and I were forever and together
And I know you were the beginning and now the end
I have known you forever and forever I have known
The day I turned sixteen and you were a dream
Whether far or near, you have always been
Close to my heart I know you are my love~

Words cannot express all the love I have for you
We are one and always will be. We might upset
The other with silly words but no one can hurt us
Let it be said, yes we are one and forever shall be
As we sparkle and love life to the end
Love you my darling and I always will, dear, dear love
I have known you since when~

Debbie Brooks Langford @ 2016


We shared together our dreams
We shared our little hearts it seems
The night leaves us in the dark
But when you write it becomes light
The magic from your fingertips
Bloom forth images beating lively within
We all can feel your happiness or loss
Beneath your magical muse~

We gently listen to hear your heart beating forth
Your cheeks are rosy and your lips are beet red
Looking at your face in this picture
We all can barely blink
We love you just as you are
Your poetry is a dream come true
We either cry tears of waterfalls
Or sing the songs of angels
Your poetry is that pure~

Emotion is shown when you turn your words to rain
As it cascades down into our souls
It makes us turn and burn into ecstasy of life
You plant happiness into our hearts of stone
You keep our loving spirits always alive
And makes someone like me thrive~

Your heart as pure as a dove
Someone like you needs to be cherished
Loved and admired as you deserve
You blossom in our hearts
You make us weep
Each word is as pure as you
Your elegance takes us to a new height
Lady you are a class act~

Debbie Brooks Langford @ 2016


Inked In Love For My Sister...

I sit here and read your words of love
Sis, your heart is on your sleeve
Your muse you say is me
I am honored with what you achieved~

To me you are poetry
To me you are light~

You have an immediate touch
Smiling somewhere in the deep
As you inked with love~

Your voice echoes
Through my head
The voices are foreign you said
I can't quite make out the sound
But you are here I know
Because your ink is dipped in love~

In the shadow of your dawn
There was the touch of melancholy
Your ink looks toward
The light of love~

Dear Nitasu

You make me ask
Who am I?

I am cemented dreams, gone to extremes
Song of love, not knowing I care
Tears grabbing, hands jabbing
Wisps of cries, light up in the sky~

But your poetry makes mine shine
You, Nitasu
"Ink With Love"




  1. Beautiful beautiful Poetry Deb; especially the first one YOUR SMILE is so romantic, I've always called you the POETIC QUEEN OF ROMANCE, you write so pretty about love ..... I love all your poems.

  2. These are just gorgeous Deb. These poems are exactly why I refer to you as the Queen of poetry!! Awesome ink!

  3. This is awesome,Deborah you are one of the finest writers I hv come across.You are incredibly talented.Truly loved it

  4. Lovely poems all three, written from the heart!

  5. You write with so much love..all the poems are Beautiful and touch the heart.

  6. Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Poetry congratulations

  7. I wish I could write like this.. its so lovely..

  8. so nice i love poetry

  9. Imagery, emotive language, amazing syntax and structure! I am 100% impressed! Excellent writing! 8-)

  10. Beautiful work with lots of emotion. You are able to convey how you feel in a few words!

  11. You are your poetry. The love in your heart is clearly seen and felt through ready your words. I can see my spirit in you. I can see my soul in your deep love. I love you sweet lady.

  12. Love these! Beautiful dedications and I especially enjoyed The Smile. I felt as if you were speaking aloud and directly to me. I'm sure many others will agree. Your poetry has always spoken to me in one way or another. Keep inking! Hugzzz!! ����

  13. wow thank you all.. You amazed me.. so wonderful you all are..


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