Tuesday, November 1, 2016




She is dreamy,she is passionate,
She is a woman,
Her home she own decorates..

She is different,
Versatile talents in her you can find;
She is a woman,
You can't reach her complicated mind!

She is kind,she is affectionate,
She is a woman,
In your tough time
She will be your best support n best mate!

She can build,she can destroy,
She is a woman,
Don't you dare to use her like a sextoy!

She is strong enough,
She knows to fight;
She is a woman,
She gains her honor with all her might!

She is a woman,
She is your pride;
Give respect to her,
She will always be your loving bride..

She is a free bird,
Always love to fly high;
Don't you try to cage her,
She is a woman,
She can break walls n fly in d free sky..

She is God's created mystery,
She is a woman,
You can win her heart
With your honesty!

She is independent,she can be a myth,
She is a woman,
She doesn't need a guy to live with!

She knows to hold everyone she loves,
Just like a tree!
She is woman,
She is me n lot more like me..


Seashores,sands and beach,
A perfect destination where we decided to reach;
Hold my hand and
Make me feel so rich,
Life is a lesson and
You are my best teach!

I shattered I broke,
But you believed in me;
You opened my blindfold
And rediscovered me..

I lost my life's sight,
Lost the power to fight!
But seeing you I just learnt believing myself,
And everything got automatically right!
No matter the situation is,
You always fight;
And you were always in my tough time,
Holding me tight..
I know with you my life is so bright,
And I love you with all my might.

You are my soul,
You are in my whole mind;
This destination is romantic enough,
Life's destination together we will find..


Timid n feel like crying,
Inside she was dying!
She was a free bird,
But to get free from the cage,
Day by day now she's trying!

She loved freedom,
She lived fine;
Oneday society said,
On her, rights are all mine!

She is caged,
N bound to forget herself!
She asked to freedom,
Can you come again,
To rediscover myself?

Her country is independent,
But she is not!
Go n ask her,
She will tell you, how she fought!

Her wish was to see the whole world,
Her dreams n visions were bright eyed!
But now she finds wall everywhere;
Stagnant she is in a tiny world,
Where society make her tied!

Now she is timid,
She is frightened!
Oh freedom!
Can you show her a glimpse,
To make her life again lightened?


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