Tuesday, November 1, 2016




In the baking moon light out on the valley floor
She had sat beside the bonfire and softly chanted her incantations
Her every sense of belongings has been tuned to the wilderness about him
She whispered slowly to the silence of the breaking dawn
Yes! When the crescent moon rose to illuminate
The darkness of midnight unveils her swiftly

O’Love! She longs for his mystic touch
The little touch of expectation heightened
Her love for him to the mystic horizon
Where day waits for the night to kiss the earth

The royal falcon of his passion
Flies high in the sky
And seek her permission to indulge with her desire
The alter ego of his wildness traps her excitement
And plants a forbidden kiss on her lips
She conjures the moment and lost in the immensity
Of sky and earth
But still she dared not to turn her head to the sky
And beg for the divine approval of the murky clouds
She startled with the unexpected
And every night waits for the wild falcon
With a belief of truth that would weaving a golden net
All night that converts into twinkling stars
And her love tells the tale of love all night
Endless and ageless..
©® Rainy2016


Doppelganger she is called by an illusionist
It was a tale of a stormy night
She paused and started telling her story
It was starting to rain
The night fall for its silent prey
A knock at the door startled her instantly
She opened the door with unknown fear
A fragment of wind crushed her cheek
She fall asleep and the dream chased her
The sound of rain made her wake
And she found a new her approached the cram
 And found herself in a dormant state
The other side of her intense desire has created a replica
And the intensity is so strong that seems to be real
But it is not real!
Doppelganger dwells in every human
Dark and light, real and false
Oh it’s just an illusion
Live beyond the horizon of dream
Experience the new you without any fear


My Love!
The boat of a million years
consists the truth of love
once its departed by pain
The nib of my pen
scratches so many poems
that bleeds continuously
from the wound of separation
The oasis of desire
ignites the fire beneath my skin
could erupt as a volcano of proximity
Sailing the boat of contemplation
I go far on the sea of ethereal expedition
where I experienced beyond the soul
there must be no departure
it is an illusion in a desert of my dream
because the soul never gets departed
as the soul consists of we the boat of love.


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