Tuesday, November 1, 2016




My thoughts of love are hollowed out empty words,

Like a barren tree whose leaves cut by season's swords,

Beneath the blue sky I once sang her love's lullaby,

Now swirling in agony in an endless ballad of sigh.

Memories haunt me like fearful team of ghosts,

Her beautiful memories my soul always hosts,

No matter how much I long, beg and plea,

I won't feel the glorious spring, let alone see.

Life naked, stricken and stripped down to bare,

To fall and dry like autumnal leaves of despair,

A gnawing heartache lingers through the day and night,

Crushing melancholy taking its grip on me very tight.

My sigh travels through the muck in the air,

Amplified many times till it tear my ears,

Emptiness is surrounding me in whole,

Dissecting my heart and piercing my soul.

© K.Radhakrishnan


No other way I can turn for I am in love's way,

No mighty winds of circumstances can wean me away,

Or the storms of the destiny can make me sway,

Though my hairs thinned and turned grey.

Bound by your love, I will never go astray,

Mired in your love, I will always stay,

Let the world kill me and flay,

I am smitten by your love's ray.

With you, I will always stay and never betray,

In life's gloomy nights or in bright days,

Many acts of love, we shall enact and play,

I do not care whatever people say.

If I write a rhyming poem or an essay,

Through them, I will emphasize and say,

It is no way other than our love's way,

Though I will not put it on bawdy display.

Even after our death and bodies decay,

My soul will seek your soul and remain in fray,

Come, let us dance and perform love's ballet,

And forever walk in love's pathway.

© K.Radhakrishnan


In life's journey, a river is born every moment,
World is not the same tomorrow, though you may lament,
You don't cross the same river twice in your life,
Things change, circumstances change, and so are you in your strife.

Like a river does not stop for anything, how mighty hindrances are,
Life too does not stop or wait for anyone, how powerful the persons are,
You can't seize the moment and relive at your leisure and whim,
A moment lost is lost, you can never be able to reclaim.

Through twists, turns and narrow passage, the river negotiates its way,
Overcoming what it can, moving around what it can't, in its sway,
Life will never be what you want it to be, it is for you adjust your way,
Move on finding your way around obstacles, don't ever run away.

River descends from heaven through rains but its course has to be run on earth,
You too descend from heaven in to this mortal world, but have a duty on earth,
Rivers help the journey of souls to the heaven by washing away sins,
You too have to help others in the course of life, be they not your kins.

Life is like a river, you can either flow through it or stagnate in it,
When you flow through it, you do enjoy the currents and thrills of life every bit,
When you stagnate in it like a stone, you let life rub and wear you out,
Let the forces of your mind control and mold your life and destiny throughout.


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