Tuesday, November 1, 2016




I have seen the ocean
simmers being pink
With the kisses of rising sun
Emotions embodied
Love animates for rest of worlds
Coastline pulse thrills
Speaks to every longing soul
The secrets of divine eternity
Mundane metamorphose
Mental inertia it overcomes
Surge ahead with waves
Embraces the shore
Its boundless quietude
Converse eloquently
In transcendental silence
To the vast of sky
Azure falls in love with
Melts in its magic
Sprinkles the stardust from evening sky
Wonderful lore it incarnates
Rejoice the splendor
Divinely I too simmer
With the sweet music of trance
I get amazed and make over
Prepare my salvation note sea like
©®Satya Pattnaik


A desolate look of time
In the house of mourning
Powdered all emotions
Cut the wings drop the routes
Brush the illusion in the blue of sky
Embrace the hours
Caged by wavering dark

Life echoed to me
And said see I am in love
With all delighted souls
Of divine treat
To master the art of life
With a secret smile
Putting all the pains behind
But with utter dismay
Time snatched away
my loving souls blotting
Massed clouds all over
Angels of happiness
Eternal golden dusts
the moon flooded sky
the hours of joy
with crippling injury
Forced to remain lonely
like a highway coffee shop
with tons of silence
Pregnant Clouds
gathered the tears
falsify rhymes
nestled in the eyes of time
Pains melt
in murky lane
splitting the heart into pieces
Swept away
Leaving life alone
to struggle with blank dream
to paddle around the empty wall
Like moonless night
Heart is dark today
only sad songs
are swaying like broken lines
Life falsely crawling
to crown the world
struggling to defeat
the shadow behind
The house of errors
Forsake the silence
neatly turns the face
of divine towards death
compresses the morality
In between
Devilish mind and Gods smile
©®Satya Pattnaik


In solitude a silhouette composes
The poetry of withered loftiness
Tracing the leafless branches
Against twilight hour of elegant watercolor.


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  1. I have loved his work tremendously through the years ... he posts on my wall always to start my day off on an inspirational note .... his flair and use of wordage is startling and fantastic .... his imagery is like a walk in a peaceful garden.