Tuesday, November 1, 2016




If you want to dive deep into life
Its intrinsic beauty and intricacies
Look at me
How solitary I am
In the midst of a crowd
I am all lone
Fighting a lone battle
In a no man's land
When I was born
There was no fanfare
When I will die
It will be another uneventful event
Will never go down
In the annals of history
As something memorable
And glorious
Every moment I die
Every moment I reincarnate
To live life
In the most ignoble way
Under the burden of
Relationships and expectations
I feel suffocated
A sense of deep melancholy
And deep seated antipathy
Hunts me
All of a sudden
I find the spectrum of rainbow
The next door
I forget everything
And get deeply engrossed
In what is happening around
This is the way
We live life
Tend to forget and forgive
Live it minute by minute
Make thousands of compromises
To make life more bearable
In this apparently unbearable world
Is there anyone
Who understands me
Is there anyone
Who accepts me
As I am
Is there any one
Who feels my feelings
Is there anyone
Who loves me without a condition
Expecting anything in reciprocation
Or I am just
Deceiving myself all through
copyright@smrutiranjan 4.4.2016


Grief and relief
Hatred and jealousy
Love and betrayal
Hope and despair
Sorrow and happiness
Are but
Passing phases of life
They do come and go
Leaving their indelible impression
On the mosaic of life
Shattering its very foundation
And all that one fondly
Loves and cherishes
Fortune and misfortune
Just come and go
And nothing is more permanent
Than their impermanence and fragility
These are just parts of life
Bound to come and go
Non can help it
But one can help oneself
By cultivating a positive attitude
And by appreciating the reality
That sorrow
How much poignant it be
How much fascinating and hilarious it be
Are not going to
Remain for ever
Often the biggest of tragedies
End in a nice comedy
And become harbingers
Of peace and prosperity
That positive state of mind
And the ability
To remain undisturbed
In the midst of
Pair of opposites
Will safely bring
One ashore
copyright@smruti ranjan 3.3.2016


Let me live my life
The way you lived it
With all love and passion
Far from today's rational world
In the beauty of nature
Let me enjoy my early childhood
Relish every bit of it
The way you did
In your good old days
Let me dance and play
Fly in the beautiful world
Of prince and princesses
Fairies and ghosts
And let me have all those moments
Which once you had
Just do not make me
A prisoner of your unrealized dreams and aspirations
Do not make me an oblation
In your sacrificial rituals
To go up and up
In the ladder
Which never ends
I am just another kid
Like those in the hamlet
I envy them
Envy their lives
Envy everything
They have
The carefree life
That freedom and open childhood
Which I do not have
I feel suffocated
When I find my childhood in chains
Give me that breathing space
To breathe
And look at the world
As it is
Even for a while
I ever doubt
Your love, affection and
Concern to see me at the top
But for a moment
Just get me out of the seclusion
The heap of books
The monotonous life
The values of the larger society
The burden of hopes and ambitions
Just enable me to have a glimpse
At childhood
It's beauty, charm and elegance
That makes life so beautiful

copyright@smruti ranjan 27.11.2015