Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Still longing for the song of your steps
I should have been embracing you
again and again and again
100 000 lives.....

Bathing in a luxurious silence
finding solace between piano pauses,
gathering the essence of a little kiss
and chants of an ineffable beauty
tasting the nectar of your sublimity,
plunged and immersed,
again and again and again....

In this intense subtlety of the beyond
vertigo of verses graces your majesty
and find multiple infinite ways
to LOVE you...

Again and again and again...

An elixir solely for pure hearts!

My inner ambrosia
experiences the balance of your harmony,
the Secret of all secrets,
collapsing within your cosmic gracefulness,
my inner ME...
immersed in YOU!

You spread your divine names
in acrylic letters and intimate dimensions
all your billion cells are as open doors
for my ceaseless adoration....

My truest freedom awaits for me
inside your ecstatic kisses!

Your love no longer hyphenates
This summer, my beloved
With seasons written,
Scrawled in lame words

My autumn since then will no longer sleep
Time and Patience
No more can I keep

The exuberant albatross wings through my verses
Your thoughts constrained by all expectations.

No noble crane, nor I myself, will kneel before my solitude,
As I am drawn from often dark and ominous shadows,
My summer song resonates in its vigil,
Silently serenading those lost 20 summers.

Shattered the laughter,
No tears ever after,
My love,
This summer

Your autumnal visions seep into my fate,
As the ‘maybe’ and ‘because’ are scattered to the wind,
The grass winds its own path
And will not rescind

Just one season of summer
My love
Free of agony and pain
To feel your snow on my lips
Young lovingness again

In frail seconds of love and despair,
My wings spread
To leave you bewildered
No tears will I shed
As I take to the skies           

Your love no longer hyphenates
This summer, my beloved
With seasons written,
Scrawled in lame words

Time lost, Patience flown.


...And the Time came to write my forgotten Scriptures...
Fragments of Myself were scattered on different pictures...

Everything became concentric, grasping moments of the Past,
And I understood... only Existence could make "Nothing" a verb to last!...



  1. So vivid,so much intimacy and gripping phraseology. Powerful!

  2. Hi Anca, my Spiritual-Guide, my ever-lasting friend who's talent is showcased all over the world and in multi-languages, so that those in foreign countries can come to know this Poet who blends lyrical verse with spiritual and her works are Soul-Songs ~ I've always told Anca she's a Visitor not from this world, for she is an Earth Angel and I'm glad she's here to guide me in the right paths of poetic achievement, for through Anca have I grown in all ways to be a better person and writer to make her proud of me as much as I am so proud of this Prolific and Famous Poet!!!! Her works will remind you of the Greats, the two that come to mind are Rumi, the 13th Century Sufi Poet and Pablo Neruda.