Tuesday, November 1, 2016



The sorted gowns
in my wardrobe
one after another
splattered with feminine fragrance
I try to feel the magnitude of different emotions
while caress them with my tender fingers
try to trace out the hidden love sobbing
whose embraced lock felt eternal tight
who stays far apart
Who is narcotic bed lover
who gets easily lost
who drowns in premature monsoon
who keeps kindling being fire
Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)14/09/2016

I stay touched
with the water letters
immense respite
of a pungent burnt heart
over a distressed bird's incessant crying
the night queen is bewildered in pain
terminal phase of the day
light and shade
lengthy beckoning
wiped off adorable faces voices
sheer amnesia
rooms are broken
the vase is lying corpse
by the blast of water
aimless animates inanimates
water and water around
blue in the core of the heart
only dolour dwells
Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)10/09/2016

My eyes
lose their world
in your sobbing in silence
the mass of your gloom
coffined in your heart
exposed before my eyes
like an opened book
the gush of your exhaled breeze
browse each of the pages
one after another
each one is smeared with spilled ink
words are rubbed with utter ignorance
I wish I could round up
all your garish blues
and treasure in my jocund heart
I wish I could unleash your captive will
pin up a piece of sun to your face
Oh ! me with your sang froid soul
bang open this hell hole's door
rush under this sapphire roof
where me have built a wonder abode
that has walls of silver stone
filled with blithely air to breath



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