Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Ioannis Zoumpiadis


Reflection of light so magical
light in weight but so precious my love
iridescence bathes you delightfully
and you cannot escape from it.

Rare it is
as your love my sweet spirit
let it lead you
in places that the human mind cannot even envision.

Mesmerizing attractiveness in a delicate stature
inculcating divinity and excellence
making Gods envy unbearably
and staring insistently.

Endowing endless elegance
giving the monadic taste of bliss
and I perish nicely
in this exquisite multiform blend of figure and jewel.

Only love reeled us,
saved us from the routine’s quagmire,
gave us angel wings
to fly in the heavenly firmament.

Only love showed us the way to Mount Olympus,
pushed us to fall into the well of flawlessness,
created gateway to a different globe,
just an ideal globe.

Only love told me that I belong to you,
rolled the rose petals in a path with parched grass,
offered the flavor of infinity,
and on your lips hid its divine essence.

Only love faded human misery,
that oppressed mortals to be sorrowful,
illuminated the creation of the fog of duplicity,
trying dastardly to make them all.

Only love led me to live with you,
more than one life,
but it was only one,
one full of you!

And why should I drink from your fire?
After so long, badly burned it degenerated me.
I ended up a crippled body.

Of all its flames I felt,
none was beautifully warm
nor warmly beautiful.

Tell me, why should I drink from your fire?
Since it wasn’t sacred
and to hell it pushed me.

Ioannis Zoumpiadis

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